MAX-Q10 Review

by Stop Aging Now
5.6 out of 10 based on 5 user ratings
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2014-05-02
5.6 / 10 stars
MAX-Q10  Review

Is MAX-Q10 Right For You?

MAX-Q10 is a nutritional supplement designed to boost overall energy, maintain optimal cognitive and cardiovascular health through a very potent and absorbable form of the Coenzyme Q10. The manufacturer of this formula is a company that has been present on the nutritional supplements market over the last 18 years and has gained a good reputation among consumers of such product. The company’s name is Stop Aging Now.

The formula is made with 100% Kaneka Q10, a form of Co Q10 advertised as the purest, most natural and most absorbable form of the enzyme available. This particular form is identical to the natural form of CoQ10 produced by the body and found in natural food sources (meat, fish, etc.) Kaneka Q10 is presented as a highly safe compound as shown through various safety test like “Safety Assessment of CoQ10 (KANEKA Q10 in Healthy Subjects” or the “52-week oral gavage chronic toxicity study”. Kaneka has been produced since 1977 following GMP standards of quality. The compound is a highly purified yeast extract obtained through a unique manufacturing process that ensures the purity, integrity, and potency of the active substances. It is advertised to be a Kosher certified product free of GMO’s and BSE’s.

MAX-Q10 also features a potent antioxidant compound in the form of a standardized black pepper extract called BioPerine. Studies seem to have demonstrated an increase of CoQ10 absorption of over 30% in the presence of this patented formula. The formulation is advertised as an ideal form of replenishing CoQ10 lost during cholesterol-lowering stating drugs treatments.

Ingredients of MAX-Q10

MAX-Q10 includes the following ingredients: CoEnzyme Q10 (from Kaneka Q10™) (100% natural trans-form) (as ubiquinone), and BioPerine Black Pepper Extract (Piper nigrum) (standardized to 95% piperine) (soft gel version only).

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5 User Reviews or Add One about MAX-Q10 Review

  1. 1

    Susan Fraser


    I would like to start this supplement
    What strength of gelcaps would I
    take? There are different strengths over the counter.
    I am 74 and very healthy.

    • 4

      BRS Publishing


      Stop Aging Now does not currently ship to Namibia. For further information regarding the countries in which the product can be shipped please contact the manufacturer by using the contact info available on their official web-site.

  2. 5

    this product is advertised at 14.95$ on th joshua site. but its almost 30$ on amazon incl postage. its the trans form brand.

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