Live Young Review

by Buried Treasure
Live Young
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Live Young
Live Young
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2017-01-02
7,5 / 10 stars
Live Young  Review

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Is Live Young Right For You?

In this life, you will encounter various issues that will stress you up! The world we are living in is toxic. It is therefore vital to protect yourself using live young antioxidant formula. Buried Treasure claims that this whole food complex has antioxidants and vitamins that keep free radicals in check to maintain healthy cells. Stress is known to increase the occurrence of free radicals in your body. In fact, the accumulation of these harmful free radicals can cause damage to your cells. Fortunately, live young is a high potency, whole food supplement that neutralizes harmful radicals before they cause any damage to your body. Live young contains strong antioxidant abilities that may benefit your immune system optimally. Even though nothing can fully replace a diet rich in nutrients, this product will help your body with some of the crucial nutrients.


Ingredients of Live Young

Live Young includes the following ingredients: Pomegranate (4000 mg), Acai Berry (3500 mg), Goji berries (1000 mg), Mangosteen (500 mg), Blueberry (300 mg), Elderberry (300 mg), Noni (250 mg), Resveratrol 98% (125 mg), Bilberry (100 mg), Cranberry (100 mg), Grape Seed (100 mg), Grape Skin (100 mg), Green Tea (100 mg), Citrus Biflavonoids (65 mg), Rutin (40 mg), L-Glutathione (10 mg), Lycopene (25 mcg).

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