Lemonade Diet Pill Review

by Stanley Burroughs
Lemonade Diet Pill
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Lemonade Diet Pill
Lemonade Diet Pill
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2016-04-15
6.5 / 10 stars
Lemonade Diet Pill  Review

Is Lemonade Diet Pill Review Right For You?

Lemonade Diet Pill is a weight-loss supplement based on a famous diet invented in the 1940’s called the Lemonade Diet or the Master Cleanse. The advantage of this product is that it comes in the form of an easily ingestible pill. The original diet was developed by Stanley Burroughs, an alternative medicine doctor, but we have no information about the manufacturer of this supplement.

The pill is based on the benefits of the same ingredients used in the original diet, namely lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. The formula promises to help increase fat burning and energy, curb the appetite, cleanse and purify the body, and promote fast weight loss. It also promises to create the exact benefits as the original diet which is advertised as the celebrity cleansing diet based on the fact that this diet was reported as very popular among American celebrities.

However, there are numerous critics of the diet which is very restrictive and presumes the lack of any solid food during the regimen. Many of those who don’t agree with such a drastic measure claim that by following this diet users will not be able to maintain proper levels of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients which can turn out to be very harmful for overall health. More so, although on short-term the diet can produce the desired results (temporary weight-loss and body cleanse), the long-term side-effects have not been evaluated and may outweigh the benefits.

Ingredients of Lemonade Diet Pill Review

Lemonade Diet Pill includes the following ingredients: Lemonade Diet Pill includes the following ingredients: lemons, Cayenne pepper, and maple syrup.

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