Lem-O-3 Review

by Cytoplan
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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-02-11
6.65 / 10 stars
Lem-O-3  Review

Is Lem-O-3 Right For You?

Lem-O-3 is promoted as a lemon-flavored Omega-3 supplement specially designed to help maintain healthy blood viscosity, thus preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases. The business that produces and sells this remedy is called Cytoplan. This particular manufacturer prides itself by possessing a portfolio featuring a large variety of vitamins, amino acids, herbal and mineral based supplements. The business was established in 1990 in the United Kingdom.

The general health benefits of fish oil were revealed through some studies linked to the Eskimo diet. Because this population naturally consumes fresh fish on daily bases, it was indicated that they rarely to never suffer from cardiovascular problems.
Moreover, they discovered a direct connection between fatty acids contained in the oil and a normal brain functioning. Many clinical studies directly link DHA to a proper brain development of the child.

Manufacturers state that they have created three products based on the beneficial effects of fish oil. These are Lem-O-3, Standard Fish Oil, and Fish Oil capsules. The difference between Lem-O-3 and the other two lies in its taste because it contains 7 percent lemon flavor. Also, they claim to avoid usage of the fish liver that can provide further disadvantages to the consumer.

Ingredients of Lem-O-3

Lem-O-3 contains the following ingredients: fish oil and 7% lemon flavor.

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