L.A. Naturals Valerian Review

by L.A. Naturals
L.A. Naturals Valerian
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L.A. Naturals Valerian
L.A. Naturals Valerian
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-07-12
6.04 / 10 stars
L.A. Naturals Valerian  Review

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Is L.A. Naturals Valerian Right For You?

L.A. Naturals Valerian is presented as a dietary supplement that is meant to calm physical, emotional, and mental discomfort, with the added effect of also sustaining a healthy sleep.

The developer of this product is a United States business that is named L.A. Naturals and is situated in New Mexico, currently promoting a line of profession strength liquid herbal extracts. These extract that can also be called tinctures are developed by a medical herbalist that comes with an experience that ranges from more than 30 years and is said to have treated thousands of patients. This business also prides itself with having FDA registered and approved facilities that present with strict adherence to FDA good manufacturing procedures that regard dietary supplements. The herbal ingredients used in their blend are procured by selective import or wild harvest, in either way the ingredients are certified organic and have not been grown using any pesticides.

The tincture form that the health product takes is presented as being better than its equivalent in pill shape and comes with an increase in effectiveness. It is also more bioavailable. This product is suitable for vegetarian use and the manufacturer also uses Alcohol-free glycerites, L.A. Naturals Valerian being manufactured with vegetable glycerin and raw clover honey.


Ingredients of L.A. Naturals Valerian

L.A. Naturals Valerian includes the following ingredients: Certified Organic Fresh Valerian Root, Grain Alcohol (60-70% by volume), and Deionized Water.

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