L.A. Naturals Hyssop Review

by L.A. Naturals
L.A. Naturals Hyssop
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L.A. Naturals Hyssop
L.A. Naturals Hyssop
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-07-03
7.24 / 10 stars
L.A. Naturals Hyssop  Review

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Is L.A. Naturals Hyssop Right For You?

L.A. Naturals Hyssop is advertised as being a dietary supplement that is meant to promote relaxation and presents itself in the form of a liquid herbal extract.

The manufacturing company is called L.A. Naturals, a United States business that is specialized in the development of liquid herbal extract formulas and presents itself with a broad range of products that seek to support their customer’s needs. All of their herbal extracts are designed by a medical doctor that is a specialized herbalist and has more than 30 years of experience with thousands of patients. At this time, they commercialize a line of professional strength liquid herbal extracts that are said to be pesticide free and were never irradiated or fumigated. All of their products are manufactured using only certified organic herbs that are wild harvested or come from selective import sources.

This herbal liquid form can also be called a tincture and is said to yield better results that pills; this form is said to have better potency because dried herb loses strength and effectiveness. L.A. Naturals Hyssop is also presented as being more bioavailable because the taste of the extract is said to increase digestive enzymes and improve absorption.


Ingredients of L.A. Naturals Hyssop

L.A. Naturals Hyssop includes the following ingredients: Fresh Hyssop Herb, Grain Alcohol (60-70% by volume), and Deionized Water.

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