Ketamine Review

by Pfizer
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Date Published: 2011-11-16
6.76 / 10 stars
Ketamine  Review

Is Ketamine Right For You?

In 1963, a type of anesthesia was introduced to the world for both human and veterinary use, a liquid called Ketamine.It may be risky to administrate to humans, as it has been linked to causing amnesia for short periods of time in some individuals. It is categorized as a Schedule III Controlled substance.

Ketamine is offered by Pfizer, a company founded by two cousins bearing the name over a century and a half ago has been creating various medications for everyone to enjoy. They are located in the USA but also have locations all over the world. Their physical address is offered on their website, which you can visit for more details concerning this and many other products.

Unlike most medication, this one is a very dangerous one to administer, as it requires some professional know-how in the medical field. It is not recommended in any way to self-administer this medication or use it illegally. If you are not a professional doctor or veterinarian, you’d best keep away from Ketamine. A no-risk Ketamine injection requires it to be administered under very careful conditions, because this is, as mentioned above, a very dangerous form of anesthesia. A person who injects the substance should be monitored at all time.

Ingredients of Ketamine

Ketamine includes the following ingredients: Ketamine hydrochloride.

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