Jigsaw Vitamin C Review

by Jigsaw Health
Jigsaw Vitamin C
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Jigsaw Vitamin C
Jigsaw Vitamin C
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-06-13
7.25 / 10 stars
Jigsaw Vitamin C  Review

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Is Jigsaw Vitamin C Right For You?

Jigsaw Vitamin C is advertised as being a dietary supplement that enhances immune response. It also offers antioxidant support and promotes a healthy inflammation cycle.

The manufacturing company is called Jigsaw Health and was established in Arizona, United States in April of 2005 and is a father and son started business. This company is offering their customers a range of premium dietary supplements that are manufactured using a Sustained Release Technology, which makes them release the active ingredients with time, instead of all at once, this way providing the body with a constant dose. All their products come with a full 90 day money back guarantee that comes in support of the quality claims made.

The Sustained Release Technology helps the active ingredient to be slowly released in a period of over six hours, this way making sure that the core ingredient is properly absorbed. This product was created using no GMO’s, lactose, pesticides, or preservatives and is said to promote brain and eye health, improve heart function, promote adrenal gland function, and several other health benefits. Jigsaw Vitamin C is also said to be the first supplement of its kind that totally designed to be taken in high doses and also provides a constant delivery that allows optimal utilization.


Ingredients of Jigsaw Vitamin C

Jigsaw Vitamin C includes the following ingredients: Vitamin C and L-Lysine HCI.

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