Jigsaw L-Tryptophan Review

by Jigsaw Health
Jigsaw L-Tryptophan
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Jigsaw L-Tryptophan
Jigsaw L-Tryptophan
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-06-16
7.4 / 10 stars
Jigsaw L-Tryptophan  Review

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Is Jigsaw L-Tryptophan Right For You?

Jigsaw L-Tryptophan has been created to be a dietary supplement that promotes healthy levels of serotonin and is also said to provide sleep support.

The business that is behind this supplement and is responsible for its development and manufacturing is Jigsaw Health and is located in Arizona, the United States, being established in 2005. They are in the business of offering premium dietary supplements that are said to be unique and potent, aiming to make them so by employing several techniques of blending. A part of their health products is constructed with a Sustained Release Technology, which enables a longer release period that allows the body to properly absorb the active ingredients that are present in the blends.

The manufacturer claims that this formula can help with supporting a good serotonin production, promoting a restful sleep, enhancing mental and emotional well-being and helping with weight management. This product does not have any ingredients that come from animal sources and is presented as being suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Jigsaw L-Tryptophan provides the basis from which serotonin is produced and can also improve general health, without using any artificial colors or dyes, or preservatives.


Ingredients of Jigsaw L-Tryptophan

Jigsaw L-Tryptophan includes the following ingredients: L-Tryptophan (Amino Acid), Vegetable Capsules, Vegetable stearic acid.

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