Jigsaw 5-HTP Review

by Jigsaw Health
Jigsaw 5-HTP
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Jigsaw 5-HTP
Jigsaw 5-HTP
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-06-13
6.58 / 10 stars
Jigsaw 5-HTP  Review

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Is Jigsaw 5-HTP Right For You?

Jigsaw 5-HTP is advertised as being a dietary supplement that provides a balanced stress response, restful sleep, a stable mood, and mental emotional well-being.

The company that is behind this product is called Jigsaw Health and is a United States business that was established in Arizona in 2005 by a father and son. They are said to offer premium dietary supplements that are created using a Sustained Release Technology that is meant to provide a slow and long lasting release of the active ingredients in the body. All of their products come with a full 90 day money back guarantee that is meant to be a vote of confidence for the potency and quality of their products.

The active ingredient has a short life in the body and is consumed in about 90 minutes and then is rapidly gone from the body, thus the Sustained Release Technology provides a constant flow that manifests in a long-lasting effect. This product is suitable for vegetarian use and is blended used no artificial colors, chemical additives, stimulants, pesticides, or preservatives. Jigsaw 5-HTP is also said to be an unique blend with an active ingredient that comes from a European manufacturer that is said to produce the purest form of 5-HTP.


Ingredients of Jigsaw 5-HTP

Jigsaw 5-HTP includes the following ingredients: L-5-hydroxytryptophan (L-5-HTP from Griffonia simplicfolia seeds).

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