Jan de Vries Body Energy Review

by Jan de Vries
Jan de Vries Body Energy
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Jan de Vries Body Energy
Jan de Vries Body Energy
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2016-05-12
7 / 10 stars
Jan de Vries Body Energy  Review

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Is Jan de Vries Body Energy Review Right For You?

Jan de Vries Body Energy is a book designed to help readers boost their energy levels through a specific set of exercises. The author of this paper, Jan de Vries is a Dutch author who studied pharmacy and became fascinated by plant medicine not long after graduating. His medical experience helped him understand the benefits of treating the cause rather the symptom and treating the body as a whole instead of looking at it as independent systems and organs.
He was the founder of the first naturopathic clinic in Holland along with Alfred Vogel. He also founded Biohorma, one of the largest suppliers of herbal remedies in Holland. Jan de Vries is the author of various health books in which he tries to teach readers the most effective ways to regain their health and lead healthy life-styles. He practiced “complementary” medicine- a type of medicine that combines traditional with alternative practices which he believed to be far more effective than any one of the individual components. The author died in 2015 but his literary legacy remains.


Body Energy is a graphic book that features drawings and photographs showing a range of exercises effective in boosting body energy. A healthy diet, the mind, bones, muscles, and eyes are all involved in the process of creating energy and getting the extra boost we sometimes need.

Ingredients of Jan de Vries Body Energy Review

Jan de Vries Body Energy includes the following ingredients: Not Applicable.

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