Imipramine Review

by Novartis
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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-11-25
7.6 / 10 stars
Imipramine  Review

Is Imipramine Right For You?

Imipramine is marketed as a type of antidepressant. It is claimed to be a medication that can help to regulate mood and the levels of chemicals in the brain. It is often offered as a form of medication for severe types of depression that haven’t responded well to other forms of treatment according to information online. This particular medication has been around since 1950.

This particular medication is offered by many different names out there on the market. That is because Imipramine is a generic formula. Some of the name brand products you will find out there include Doxepin and Amitriptyline. There are many different manufacturers of this particular form of medication due to the high demand for it in our society.

You can only get Imipramine through a prescription by a doctor. It is often given in conjunction with medical supervision and with therapy. This is stated to be a very powerful form of anti-depressant. It is strongly discouraged for anyone to take it when it hasn’t been specifically prescribed for them. Still, this product continues to be one sold illegally on the black market.

Many doctors offer free samples of Imipramine to get a good indication of how a patient will respond to it before they prescribe it. Typically, this form of medication is tried after other efforts with various types of medication have failed to offer substantial benefits for the patient.

Ingredients of Imipramine

Imipramine includes the following ingredients: Imipramine Hydrochloride.

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