#19. Advanced Memory Formula

by Iceland Health
Advanced Memory Formula
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Advanced Memory Formula
Advanced Memory Formula
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Date Published: 2011-06-17
Iceland Health Advanced Memory Formula promises to boost mood and energy levels and improve memory, concentration, and focus. The supplement tries to break into the large brain nutrition market via a different group of ingredients to those we have been commonly reviewing here. While most have been either multivitamin products or herbal remedy approaches, this is mostly based on lipid (fat)-based omega-3 oils. The Advanced Memory Formula supplement from Iceland Health can be seen on the late-night infomercial and is endorsed by Dr. Brian Kaplan and Dr. James Sullivan, both certified physicians and promoters of natural medicine as an effective way to achieve higher quality life standards.
8.51 / 10 stars
Advanced Memory Formula Review

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Effectiveness of Advanced Memory Formula

The whole marketing strategy behind Advanced Memory Formula plays up an interesting fact: “Icelanders have the longest life expectancy and best health out of any other nation in the world.” In light of this, they claim their supplement gives consumers the benefits of a rich Icelandic diet, resulting in noticeable, long-term improvements in their overall health. This is an interesting concept, but does this supplement work?

As stated above, this formula contains DHA. The issue we have here is that Omega-3 capsules and oils can be easily and inexpensively found over-the-counter in the form of fish and flax oils. We wanted to know how is this different from the generic supplements that have been on the market for decades, and what it could offer to surpass other supplements.

The first thing that draws attention, in a positive way, is the fact that the manufacturer indicates the source of their fish oil. Next, the company describes the entire process of how the raw materials are processed to preserve their freshness and integrity, while also removing traces of heavy metal contamination. Furthermore, the company ensures its clients of the potent EPA and DHA concentrations featured by their products, unlike similar formulations that fail in providing adequate amounts of these vital nutrients. All the above claims are available for study on the official Advanced Memory Formula website.

Taking a closer look at the label, we noticed that Advanced Memory Formula features only 13 mg of EPA and 133 mg of DHA per serving. The minimum fatty acid recommended intake is currently at 250 mg per day. Simple math shows that this brain supplement alone cannot provide the daily recommended amount of Omega-3 fatty acids. To do that, the supplement must be “supported” by the daily consumption of Omega-3 rich foods such as flaxseeds, walnuts, salmon, or fresh tuna.

Along Omega-3 fatty acids, Advanced Memory Formula also contains several minerals and vitamins, which is not surprising considering that most companies choose to add extra ingredients (usually ingredients the public is familiar with). While having extra vitamins and minerals is not dangerous, there is often little benefit regarding brain performance, stress relief or reduction in anxiety, as so few of them cross the brain blood barrier. Without an amino acid capable of taking these vitamins and minerals and “move” them through the brain blood barrier, we believe that having them into formulations is more a marketing strategy and less something supported by reliable scientific evidence.

A relatively small number of Advanced Memory Formula’s testimonials is available on the official website, and we cannot classify them as relevant. Other online sources (third-party retailers) are also deficient in consumer testimonials regarding this particular formula.

The official website is well laid out and easy to navigate through, and the contact phone number and contact email address are visibly displayed. However, the official site lacks some crucial information regarding this product: how it’s supposed to work, relevant studies and researches, definitive information about the ingredients, possible drug interactions, and adverse effects.

Advanced Memory Formula Price

A bottle of this supplement contains 30 soft gels. Unfortunately, this product is more expensive than many other memory enhancers we have reviewed. The formula is available for purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website or from various online retailers. Please take into consideration the shipping costs when placing an order.

The manufacturer offers a 90-day money back guarantee. Discounts are also available for bigger purchases (multiple bottles) as well for the customers who chose to sign in the Omega Advantage Club (a type of Auto-ship program offered by this supplier).


Does Advanced Memory Formula Work?

Advanced Memory Formula incorporates several vital nutrients that are demonstrated to enhance brain function. However, this product did not achieve the same level of results as our top-rated products. The lack of relevant information is also a reason for concern. We usually recommend our readers to avoid products that are not accompanied by a credible number of positive reviews and testimonials, and relevant clinical studies.

Overall, excepting the inclusion of vitamins and minerals we believe are not needed, this formula looks pretty strong. Does it work? Advanced Memory Formula might be effective for some consumers, as it is the case with almost all brain supplements available on the market at this point. But keep in mind that not everyone is the same. People are different and so are their nutritional needs.

We also recommend our readers to further research the claimed benefits of Omega-3s and their potentially harmful effects before purchasing this formula. A visit to a specialized physician might be, as always, the most suited approach.

Advanced Memory Formula
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