Honeybee Propolis Review

by GoldShield
Honeybee Propolis
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Honeybee Propolis
Honeybee Propolis
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2012-07-03
5.62 / 10 stars
Honeybee Propolis  Review

Is Honeybee Propolis Right For You?

Honeybee Propolis is a nutritional supplement said to provide relief from allergies, hay fever, sinus sufferers and boost the immune system.

This product is manufactured by GoldShield. It is sold on numerous websites which are partners of the manufacturer, some even misleading you into thinking the product is their own. This company offers a wide variety of supplements at reasonable prices. To attract customers, they promote an interesting discount system. Detailed information is posted on their website.

Advertised as a must-have product, Honeybee Propolis is claimed to aid numerous medical conditions. The maker’s state can be used for all types of gastrointestinal and urinary infections as well as chronic stomach and intestinal ulcers. It can also help the body cope with allergies as it contains histamine and serotonin. It is also advertised as a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent.

Ingredients of Honeybee Propolis

Honeybee Propolis includes the following ingredients: Bee propolis, Molasses, Honey, Dextrose, Cocoa Powder, Carob, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Talc, Silica, Wheat Germ, Natural and Artificial flavor, and Riboflavin.

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