Health Creation Krill Oil Review

by Health Creation
Health Creation Krill Oil
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Health Creation Krill Oil
Health Creation Krill Oil
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-02-11
5.77 / 10 stars
Health Creation Krill Oil  Review

Is Health Creation Krill Oil Right For You?

Health Creation Krill Oil is advertised as a product based upon the beneficial effects of Krill Oil that promises to enhance the customer’s general health. This supplement is offered by Health Creation, a company founded by Dr. Rosy Daniel over twenty years ago.

The business states that its primary target is providing the necessary nutrients for the mind and the body to help the individual take advantage of the best herbal, multivitamin, and antioxidant resources. Moreover, they promise to deliver the best quality at the lowest prices. On their official website, they offer a Helpline made available for anyone who has further questions about their products or services. By providing customer feedback, information related to the quality and efficiency of their products determines an improvement and a better satisfaction of the daily needs.

Besides the Krill Oil, this supplement also contains Vitamin A which enhances the effects of EPA and DHA. Because Health Creation Krill Oil is directly derived from shellfish, people who are sensitive to shellfish or fish should avoid its consumption to prevent unwanted side effects. Moreover, people with a liver deficiency or who are taking antithrombotic drugs are asked to consult their personal healthcare before the usage of this supplement.

Ingredients of Health Creation Krill Oil

Health Creation Krill Oil contains the following ingredients: Vitamin A and Krill Oil (standardized at 150 mg EPA and 90 mg DHA).

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