Happy Pills Review

by Brain Pharma
Happy Pills
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Happy Pills
Happy Pills
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-11-07
6.91 / 10 stars
Happy Pills  Review

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Are Happy Pills Right For You?

Zoloft and Prozac are often referred to as “happy pills,” but there is a product by that name. Brain Pharma markets the Happy Pills as a supplement that naturally increased the amount of serotonin that is produced by the brain. It is also sold as an overall mood enhancement product.

This company is involved in the manufacturing of many different types of such supplements. Happy Pills is produced in the Czech Republic where the headquarters for Brain Pharma are located. You can place your order by calling an 800 number or placing it online. The website for placing an order is secure.

Their website doesn’t provide any guarantee either so you need to be careful when you buy Happy Pills. You don’t want to spend your money on a product that may not work for you and then discover the company isn’t willing to give you a refund.


Ingredients of Happy Pills

Happy Pills includes the following ingredients: 5-HTP, Vitamin D3, Tyrosine, Caffeine, St. John’s Wort, Niacinamide, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Selenium, Octopamine, and Arginine.

Happy Pills
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    Hi there.

    My name is John, and I want to tell you all about my experience with Happy Pills. Before the ingredients Huperzine and SAMe were thrown into the formula, the Happy Pills formula was by far the best thing I have ever had! I had great energy, a great mood, and my metabolism was up. However, since Brain Pharma took out Arginine AKG (and I think hacked out a fairly decent amount of the other ingredients) and added Huperzine (which I researched is really good for memory) and SAMe (which is the reason I am writing this review), my experience with Happy Pills hasn’t been quite so, well, happy. In fact my usage of it has caused me to become rather aggressive and irrational to the point I was believing people were out to get me. Either I am sensitive to chemicals altogether (which worked in my favor with the original formula) or I am just another statistic in regards to the adverse effects of SAMe. I researched after having noticed these symptoms that SAMe has the ability to do that. The Happy Pills reviews that you see that are before Dec. 2011 are out of date with the current formula. Go ahead and try them at your own risk.

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