GoldCrest D-Max Review

by GoldCrest
GoldCrest D-Max
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GoldCrest D-Max
GoldCrest D-Max
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-11-03
5.24 / 10 stars
GoldCrest D-Max  Review

Is GoldCrest D-Max Right For You?

GoldCrest D-Max is presented as super strength dietary health product that has the purpose of helping the body maintain healthy bones and teeth.

The company that is responsible for the development of this product is called GoldCrest, which is a trademark owned by American Vitamins Products Inc, located in Freehold, New Jersey, in the United States. This company does not have a website and hence background information is rather scarce, but it appears to be a business specialized in vitamins and food supplements, which opened their doors in 1994.

The manufacturer presented this formula as being an effective supplement that contains Cholecalciferol and was manufactured without fillers, binders, or additives. This formula is recommended for people that do not have sufficient contact with sunlight, as to naturally produce proper vitamin D levels and need aid. The primary goal of this product is to sustain bone and teeth health but also promotes a healthy muscle function and supports a good immune system as well. The manufacturer commercializes three potency forms of this product, one of 5,000 IU, another of 10,000 IU and a third of 20,000 IU. GoldCrest D-Max is advertised as being vegetarian-friendly and Kosher certified.

Ingredients of GoldCrest D-Max

GoldCrest D-Max includes the following ingredient: Cholecalciferol.

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