Future Health Omega-3 Assist Review

by Future Health
Future Health Omega-3 Assist
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Future Health Omega-3 Assist
Future Health Omega-3 Assist
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-09-13
6.87 / 10 stars
Future Health Omega-3 Assist  Review

Is Future Health Omega-3 Assist Right For You?

Future Health Omega-3 Assist is a dietary health product that presents with several health benefits and aims to provide the therapeutic qualities of Omega-3 fatty acids in a capsule form.

The manufacturer is an African business that was established in Johannesburg, Gauten and is called Future Health. This company operates under the belief that the future of medicine is dependent on the approach it has regarding the aging process. This company also believes that medicine has to me costume made for each because each person has a unique biological footprint.

This is a health product that provides its users with several health benefits, having the effect of supporting brain health, as well as heart and skin health. The manufacturer states a list of benefits that includes, promoting heart health and healthy cholesterol levels, improving liver detoxification, assisting against insulin resistance, providing a natural anti-inflammatory effect, supporting skin cell formation and growth, supporting memory and mental health, and relieving depression. The source of these essential fatty acids contained in Omega-3 is an animal, thus making this formula not suitable for vegetarian use. Future Health Omega-3 Assist is also said to have a role to play in almost every aspect of human health.

Ingredients of Future Health Omega-3 Assist

Future Health Omega-3 Assist includes the following ingredients: Salmon Oil, Vitamin E, EPA, and DHA.

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