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Focus Fast
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Focus Fast
Focus Fast
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-06-17
Focus Fast is designed to improve working memory and boost your attention. This is very similar to many other multivitamin and herbal supplements available today and uses a large number of ingredients also featured by competitor's products. An above formula would require an optimum inclusion of amino acids and nutrients that facilitate transition across the blood-brain barrier, an essential prerequisite which this formula is not able to ensure.
8.47 / 10 stars
Focus Fast Review

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Effectiveness of Focus Fast

The manufacturer makes some huge claims regarding this product. For instance, the official website states that Focus Fast is the “World’s Number 1 and only neuro-focusing agent designed to improve working memory, increase focus and enhance attention.” We are sure you would agree with us: this is a large claim to make without offering a shred of evidence to back it up. Furthermore, the product’s official website states that this supplement is using “scientifically proven ingredients in precise ratios,” making this formulation the only formulation to use the “multi-pathway approach of Neuro Focusing Technology.” Focus Fast claims to enhance attention span, improve your working memory, and increase your focus in just one easy serving.

The ingredients list mentions some ingenious names for simple mixtures of ingredients. For instance, the “Deep Memory Complex” combines Ginkgo Biloba, Chlorella, Ashwagandha root, Phosphatidylserine as key components, in a manner and quantities which are not made clear.

As it is often the case, this too is merely a smart marketing tactic, part of the “naming strategy” that many manufacturers are using. While these “complexes” include ingredients that have been linked to certain benefits for brain health (focus, memory, attention), the combination provided is not in any way superior to the individual ingredients.

Many of the ingredients available in Focus Fast are related to improving focus and memory, just as the product description states, but not all ingredients are proven. Proven ingredients like Ginkgo Biloba or Ginseng are likely to have a positive effect on memory, but unproven ingredients are useless.

Furthermore, Focus Fast contains ingredients that are not suitable for every supplement user. St. John’s Wort and L-Phenylalanine, for instance, are not safe for patients taking antidepressant medications. People suffering from bipolar disorder or depression should also avoid these ingredients.

Overall, we believe that this supplement is just one of the many similar products available on the market. This is like many other glorified multivitamins and herbal products, as many of the ingredients are not going to pass the brain blood barrier. Your brain requires the precise amino acids and associated neuro-nutrients, such as those found in whole food, that can cross the BBB and naturally build your neurotransmitters.

Focus Fast Price

Focus Fast is an averagely-priced supplement. It can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website (no shipping costs) or a number of online retailers. Some retailers may also offer discounts and promotions. A 30-day money back guarantee covering the full purchase price is available for the formula.

Should more than one bottle be purchased, the return policy becomes valid if only one of them is opened and the rest are sealed and damage free.


Does Focus Fast Work?

Surprisingly or not, Focus Fast has received numerous positive reviews and testimonials. Many consumers have reported positive results even from the first day of use. But please keep in mind that this formula contains a huge list of ingredients – over 50 different ingredients. While some supplement users may be happy with that (most of these ingredients are extensively used in many other brain supplements and multivitamins), we are not entirely convinced this is the best way to go.

Focus Fast promotes itself as a memory boosting supplement. However, such a product needs to have the precise amounts of amino acids and associated neuro-nutrients, like the ones found in whole foods, to pass the blood brain barrier and naturally build your neurotransmitters.

Focus Fast
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