#6. Focus Factor

by Factor Nutrition Labs, LLC
Focus Factor
8.79 out of 10 based on 61 user ratings
Focus Factor
Focus Factor
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-06-17
Focus Factor by Factor Nutrition Labs is similar to many other brain supplements we have reviewed, in that it comprises a broad range of vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and amino acids in one supplement bottle. While we do not believe this to be an effective way to deliver a formula, the company praises their product based on this approach. The "more is better" approach doesn't always work, especially when we talk about brain supplements and many of these ingredients will not even reach the brain and will be flushed from the body in the usual manner.
8.79 / 10 stars
Focus Factor Review

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Focus Factor by Factor Nutrition Labs is similar to many other brain supplements we have reviewed, in that it comprises a broad range of vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and amino acids in one supplement bottle. While we do not believe this to be an effective way to deliver a formula, the company praises their product based on this approach. The “more is better” approach doesn’t always work, especially when we talk about brain supplements and many of these ingredients will not even reach the brain and will be flushed from the body in the usual manner.

Is Focus Factor Right For You?

Focus Factor is a brain supplement designed to support brain function and help the brain “run” more efficient. The company behind this product is Factor Nutrition Labs, one of the leading brands of nutritional supplements. The manufacturer claims that the Focus Factor formula is their number one brain formula, a claim which, sadly, is not entirely validated by scientific evidence.

According to the manufacturer, this supplement is a combination of natural ingredients, minerals, vitamins, herbal extracts, and Omega-3 oils. The manufacturer claims that each ingredient was added to the formulation due to its unique set of properties and that the ingredients work together to enhance overall cognitive function in patients.

The Focus Factor supplements line is comprised of two products: one for adults (Focus Factor) and one for children, suggestively named Focus Factor for Kids. However, at the time of this review, the official website was not functional, which means our research was focused mostly on 3rd party sites.

This formula is very similar to many other brain supplements we have reviewed in the past. In fact, Focus Factor looks more like a multivitamin than a brain supplement. People should learn that, opposite to general belief, more does not always equal better and this is one of those situations.

The formula contains so many different ingredients (ranging from vitamins and minerals to amino acids and herbal extracts) that most of them will not even reach the brain as they are either unable to cross the blood-brain barrier or are absorbed into the body before reaching the brain.


Ingredients of Focus Factor

Focus Factor includes the following ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Iron, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Molybdenum, Potassium, Dimethylaminoethanol, L-Glutamine, Bacopin, L-Pyroglutamic Acid, Phosphatidylserine, Docosahexaenoic acid concentrate, Choline, Inositol, N Acetyltyrosine, bilberry fruit extract, GABA, Activin, Vinpocetine, Trace-Lyte, Huperzine A, Boron, Vanadium, and grape skin extract.

Focus Factor
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61 User Reviews or Add One about #6. Focus Factor

  1. 1

    I wish I could take it to help me, however it makes me extremely nauseated if not get sick. I think it is the Iron seeing how adult vitamins make me ill too. Could you make it without Iron too? My husband benefits from iFOCUS factor.

  2. 3

    Correctional Professional


    I’ve noticed a positive change in my mood. I feel more alert ready to deal with my day as a correctional officer.

    • 5

      BRS Publishing


      Please address the question to your child’s healthcare practitioner for exact instructions of use,

      Administrator BrainResearchSupplement.com

  3. 6

    I only took two a day because the heartburn was overwhelming! Yes, I took it with food. I didn’t stick with it. The heartburn was more of a deterrent than the focus issue!

  4. 8

    Barbara Lax


    I love the focus factor product, ordered it from Sam’s Club. Good deal.Worked right away, helped with my depression too.

  5. 9

    I could not function in my day to day life without Focus Factor. I have tried Focalin and Adderall and hated both of them and how they made me feel. My mental capacity is so much greater when I take them 4 tabs twice a day. I take the second round at about 1:00 in the afternoon. Without FF my head feels empty and I cannot organize my thoughts at all. FF has been a Godsend and I try never to run out. The best deal I have found is at Sam’s because they ship it to me free with my membership and it is much less expensive there than in any store. I highly recommend it!

  6. 10

    I was skepticle at furst, but after taking this supplement for two days, I were a lot smarter… thats what my mom says.. it’s good stuff.. and now i can go to skool because i is much smarter.. I want to thank the peoples who make this wonderful vitamin

  7. 11

    I have always had problems trying to focus on things but when I took the first pill i saw a change in my mood and felt like I was focusing on things more then usual. Even at work i felt the difference. Honestly what really gave me the down fall on these pills was the fact that I have been getting Nightmares, very vivid ones. I usually take 3 a day buy i might just go down to 2 pills a day. Overall I would recommend to keep looking for something better. I know I am.

  8. 12

    This is not the first formula of the kind that I have used but so far it is the only one that seems to help to some extent. I am able to remember more of the conversations I’ve had the previous week for once. I am satisfied with the results so far.

  9. 13



    I tried this product 8 years ago and remembered that it was awesome back then. Im now preparing for an exam and just 2 days of using it I feel great and in control. Thanks to Focus Factor.

  10. 14

    I took Focus Factor by splitting a six pill daily dose to once in the early morning and once in the afternoon. I’m a perfectly healthy 34 year old who eats healthy regularly, I already eat a lot of fish and while I agree that this supplement has a lot of the basic vitamins that a general one a day does, it also contains extended quantities of nutrients that you cannot synthesize outside the body, or find in a retail store. I work full time and go to college full time which is very mentally taxing so I took FF for two months straight, and within 3-4 days I could clearly see a difference in both my memory retention as well as my cognitive increases. I found myself to be alert without the hitters from other products, and my ability to be sharper than my peers is clear. I decided to obtain from them for two weeks to identify any major differences, and although I retained plasticity, the cognition did fade. In my opinion this supplement has created a permanent mental agility, focus, and recognizance. I have since gone back to it, and know without a doubt it is a great supplement for both the body and the brain. I do recommend maintaining a healthy diet, and exercising regularly to increases the effects of the supplement.

  11. 15

    I have taken it for 1 week at the 4 pills per day. It has made me real sleepy during the day to the point that i had to place my head down at lunch. I think i may be taking too many at one time or do i continue to take the 4 per day? Read the other reviews and it is stated that this is a temporary state. Is there any further instructions that i need to follow?

    • 16

      I had the same with such sleepiness the first day and again with the next day and next pill. I do not know if this is a regular side effect

  12. 17

    This stuff is great for anyone who needs an energy boost and concentration help. I have been working 50+ hours at work so I needed some help. I don’t get any stomach upsets and no jitters. This gives me the energy and focus I need to get through my shifts.

  13. 18

    Betty Black


    Bought Focus Factor for my husband who wouldn’t take it. I took it and noticed a great improvement in remembering names, etc. lots faster than usual! I am reordering today! The reviews are so mixed that it seems FF works well with some body chemistries and not with others.

  14. 19

    My experience with focus Factor is not necessarily a bad one, but I haven’t seen any improvements in concentration either. I have just completed one bottle, and decided not to renew the order. Sure, this is my personal experience with the product and every patient is different. The price is good though and you should go ahead and try it.

  15. 20

    savanah klein


    I’ve been sharper, more clear-headed than I’ve been in years, all thanks to Focus Factor. I documented my decision thoroughly prior to buying the formula and I am happy with my choice. Some minor headaches in the beginning, but now I’ve perfectly accommodated to it. Love this stuff!

  16. 21

    Hello Sheryl,

    Some people have experienced some fatigue when taking Focus Factor, but for most of them that effect proved temporary. Whether it is a permanent reaction or not is not certain, as it depends entirely on how your body reacts to it.

    BRS Reader

  17. 22

    Just started taking the supplement.. Is it possible for them to make me very tired the first day? I was unusually tired after the afternoon dose.? If it’s a normal but temporary side effect, I will continue taking them.Otherwise, it’s having the opposite effect. Thanks.

  18. 23

    Sorry, but I really don’t think this works. I tried it a couple of months ago, with no effect. Now I’m giving it another shot, and there’s still absolutely no noticeable effects for me. I give up.

  19. 24

    When I used this I some time felt more focused, but it’s not that great in that department. The effectiveness of this product is with the memory support, it really helped me with my studies.

  20. 25

    Tawnie Marlee


    I felt no difference after using this product, it seems that sometimes i have a better than average mood, but i cannot say if it is the medicine or the way things go for me day after day.

  21. 26

    I have graduated the same university as my husband, but unfortunately I don’t gain as much as he does. I have recently discovered my new passion and I have decided to start all over again. In order to start everything from scratch I need to be full of energy and focused on my future, motivated and able to forget all about my past. Focus Factor is a good start!

  22. 27

    I take one focus factor in the morning and it gives me the a higher level if concentration and focus about 2 hours later for about 4 hours. More effective than caffeine and no side effects! It really helps me get through a lot of complicated material at the office more efficiently. My husband tried and he reports no benefit, but then again, he has no problem focussing!

  23. 28

    Focus Factor wasn’t that good for me. As a matter of fact it did nothing. I saw that there are a lot of alternatives out there and I won’t give up until I will find something that works for me. My mother is using it for a couple of months and she seems to be happy with it.

  24. 29

    My best friend encouraged me to try Focus Factor by telling me that this product made his life easier . So, here I am, trying this supplement for almost 3 months and nothing happened… Just another waste of money..

  25. 30

    Another waste of money. I guess the best remedy for focusing better and a good memory is a good night sleep, a balanced happy life and people that you love around you. And all of these depends only on your decision in life. So, be careful what you wish for and also regarding your decisions.

  26. 31



    Focus Factor has helped me to relieve the stress, stay in the present and focus better on my job. My work became less difficult and less annoying since the beginning of treatment. I am glad that I have found it for my first choice, because I have never taken anything else for this issue.

  27. 32

    Micky S.


    Since my best friend found out that he is going to be a father, he became extremely worried about not having enough money to support his new family. So he decided to get a new job and he succeeded. He told me that he was helped very much by Focus Factor. It gave him power to concentrate for longer hours and increased overall brain performances.

  28. 33

    I like taking brain supplements like Focus Factor because they help me be better at everything I do. I have tried Focus Factor and I liked it almost as much as my top choice. It is not the best, but you get a lot for its price.

  29. 34

    One of the greatest things that happened to me was realizing it is ok to take supplements to better your health. I always though this was taboo because of scary side effects or plain ineffectiveness. There are a lot of stories about people getting scammed into buying fake products. I am glad that I learned that if you gather enough information you are able to make an informed decision that can change your life. Focus Factor certainly did.

  30. 35



    I don’t know about others, but for me Focus Factor made a difference. I feel great now that I am using it, feel more powerful and things are under control all the time. I can manage my activities with my full potential. Thanks!

  31. 36

    I can see that consensus has not been reached regarding the effectiveness of Focus Factor. I had my own experience with this formula and although it took a while until I have noticed subtle improvements, I am glad that I have chose this product and I will continue to use it.

  32. 37

    Hello. I have been giving Focus Factor a try for more than a month and I’m quite satisfied with it. It has helped me at work and with my home projects. Since I’m always under the pressure of deadlines I need something to give me that extra confidence i need.

  33. 38

    I have mixed feeling about Focus Factor. Over the three months period I’ve used it, I had plenty of days that I felt I’ve gotten worse. There was no steady rise to a plateau of satisfaction. Nope. Instead it was a zig-zag of good days and bad days. Overall, I think I could have done better.

  34. 39

    I take it and I like it. I don’t read the label on these thing because it’s all gibberish to me anyways. All I care about is the result. And the result is damn good. I know this was a good choice for me. I you are wondering if it could be good for you too, just grab it and see for yourself.

  35. 40

    Emily M.


    I love it that there’s no crash effect for this product. I am more alert and able to focus better when preparing for an exam, which is something I have had trouble with because I am extremely nervous about exams. This helps me concentrate and better memorize the information. My grades are actually better, and this is proof for me that the supplement works.

  36. 41

    I like this product because it contains many vitamins that are very good for our health and well-being. I am at the second bottle already and I am very happy that I found Focus-Factor! It really changed my life! I don’t feel tired anymore, I can do all my tasks calmer and I sleep better. So, thanks!

  37. 42

    I take Focus Factor to boost my concentration during my tennis matches. It’s quite hard for me to get the necessary coordination to play the game properly but Focus Factor has turned me into a much better player.

  38. 43

    I liked taking Focus Factor. It made me perform better at work in a very stressful period. I was able to retain my self-confidence and my concentration during all of it and now I just got promoted to a position that is far less stressful. I won’t be taking it anymore, but I recommend it.

  39. 44

    I was scared by the long ingredients list too. Most of my friends advised against using it just because of that thing alone. At first I complied, but after a while I got curious and I tried it for a month. Now I feel I’m able to concentrate a lot better and my work efficiency has drastically improved.

  40. 45

    Despite all the ingredients and the difficulty in assessing its effects, I’m certain it works for me. I’ve always had a little anxiety that was proportional to the importance of the task at hand. This led to big focus problems both at work and when dealing with big house projects. I’ve tried several brain supplements, but this one stabilized my state in about a month. I can honestly recommend it for anyone willing to try it.

  41. 46

    If you have a balanced diet you don’t need this, you can easily get those ingredients in food if you do a little research. I don’t see anything noteworthy on the label to warrant a purchase.

  42. 47

    No effects so far, but no side effects either. Maybe it is effective after a longer treatment, but then I would have already spent too much.

  43. 48

    Gina Edgar


    A lot of seniors at my mother’s nursing home seem to have tried or currently are on Focus Factor from what I was able to find out. My mother has taken it for about 2 months and then she stopped because they said FF was probably making her BP go up.

  44. 49

    Jamie Symonds


    Wow, your review seems to be far more realistic than the others I have read so far!. I don’t think I am going to order Focus Factor.

  45. 50

    I started taking Focus Factor 2 months ago and noticed a difference in my concentration within 2 days. If I do not take the supplement or half the dosage I notice a difference in my concentration within two days. Many of the ingredients in Focus Factor are also good for people with ADD.

    My only problem is that this supplement contains iron, which should not be taken without a doctor’s recommendation.

  46. 51

    nina riccino


    My father who is 78 has been successfully taking Focus Factor. No side effects and he has been sharper than ever. long term memory and new info retention in general are better from what he says, which is more than you can ask for in a man his age.

  47. 52

    There s no miracle solution to memory fading away with age, I am certain of that. However, there are things you can do to “train” your memory and help it stay in shape. Focus factor is a supplement that helps with alertness and memory capacity to some degree, I have discovered after taking it regularly for 2 months now. I seem to remember people’s names better

  48. 53

    John Drott, Jr


    this product is great. It works better than anything else i have tried. I would like to know if it is available ina capsule form as it is a bear to swallow. Please let me know if it is available and how i can get it. Thanks

    • 54

      BRS Publishing


      Hello John,

      As far as we know Focus Factor does not come in any other form aside from tablets. You could try crushing them if they are uncomfortable to deal with.

  49. 55

    It should kick about an hour after you take the supplement. But like I said I am a fan of the new Cram it! by Genius Labs. It doesn’t stall to feel the results, has some good vitamins as well. They are cheaper price per bottle I m pretty sure, Well, good luck with your trials!

  50. 56

    I had been wanting to try Focus Factor for some time due to decreasing memory I believe is attributed to “mini-strokes”, but found the product cost prohibitive. i was finally able to purchase 2 bottles by combining coupons with a buy one – get one sale at Rite Aid. Last week I took 2 tablets per day and am taking 3 tablets per day this week in order to allow my body to slowly acclimate to the ingredients. Haven’t noticed a huge difference yet, but from other online reviews apparently it takes a while to make an impact. Will take it until I finish the two bottles. if i don’t notice a difference at that time I will stop and try something else.

  51. 57

    I was trying Focus Factor for a month, but wasn’t sure if it was really working. I came across Cram it! by Genius Labs, the new brain supplement, it has fewer ingredients and works way better for me.

  52. 58

    i have only taken it for 3 days. took 1 pill the first 2 and then 2 pills today. i feel like it is making me focus less. i am more tired. but i also took on extra work this week so that may be why im tired. has anyone else had this result?

  53. 61

    Tried it for a month with poor results. I was expecting good things based on the reviews that I had read from other places.

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