Fiber-Lax Review

by Vitality Products
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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2012-10-22
6.65 / 10 stars
Fiber-Lax  Review

Is Fiber-Lax Right For You?

Fiber-Lax is a dietary supplement based on a blend of healing herbs on which most of the alternative medicine nowadays is based, such as chamomile, Echinacea, cayenne, and alfalfa. The product is designed to enhance the functions of the brain and to improve the overall functioning of the body. The company manufacturing this product is Vitality Products.

Vitality Products is a company founded in 1980 by L.W. Bob Brooks. The company claims that its primary goal is to provide individuals all over the world with top quality dietary and nutritional supplements designed to promote health and an overall state of well-being. Also, the company ranks itself among the world leaders in the supplement industry, taking upon itself the responsibility to “raise the standard for nutrition and wellness.”

Ingredients of Fiber-Lax

Fiber-Lax includes the following ingredients: Psyllium Husks (Plantago psyllium), Guar Gum (Cyamopsis tetragonal oba), Alfalfa Leaf (Medicago sativa), Bentonite (montmorillonite), Citrus Pectin (as citrus pectin), Cascara Sagrada bark (Rhamnus purshiana), Cayenne (Capsicum annum), Chamomile flower (Matricaria recutita), Echinacea Purpurea Leaf (Echinacea purpura), Ginger root (Zingiber officinale), Marshmallow Root (Althaea Officinalis), Plantain leaf (Plantago major), Red Raspberry leaf (Rubus idaeus), Rhubarb root (Rheum officinale), Sheperd’s purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris), Sluppery Elm bark (Ulmus fulva), Wild Yam Root (Dioscorea villosa) and Gelatin (capsules).

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