Fenu-Thyme Review

by Nature's Way
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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-01-29
6.84 / 10 stars
Fenu-Thyme  Review

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Is Fenu-Thyme Right For You?

Fenu-Thyme is an herbal blend that can be used as a general supplement or as an aid in relieving respiratory troubles such as a cough and bronchitis. The two main components of the herbal blend, fenugreek seeds, and thyme leaves, are known to have well-established therapeutic effects and have been used in medicinal preparations.

It is manufactured by Nature’s Way, a large successful company that has been providing a broad range of herbal products for over 40 years. It is a very well-known and appreciated company with pharmaceutically licensed production facilities. Their products are being sold all over the world, and there is a considerable amount of feedback coming from users. They provide a broad range of herbal remedies, treating many illnesses and providing consumers with products that they can use regularly.

The most powerful effects of Fenu-Thyme are in the range of respiratory diseases. It has been shown to successfully treat bronchitis, cough and allergies, clear sinuses and the nasal cavity and it acts as a powerful expectorant as it helps lungs expel mucus. Apart from this main effect, in helps in regulating bowel movements and reduces both blood density and blood sugar levels. Because of these effects, Fenu-Thyme can be recommended to almost anyone.


Ingredients of Fenu-Thyme

Fenu-Thyme contains the following ingredients: fenugreek seeds, thyme leaves, proprietary blend, and gelatin.

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