Nature’s Way Fenugreek Seed Review

by Nature's Way
Nature’s Way Fenugreek Seed
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Nature’s Way Fenugreek Seed
Nature’s Way Fenugreek Seed
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-01-31
5.95 / 10 stars
Nature's Way Fenugreek Seed  Review

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Is Nature’s Way Fenugreek Seed Right For You?

Fenugreek Seed is an herbal supplement made from the seeds of the fenugreek plant, an ingredient that is soothing to the stomach and is used worldwide as a culinary spice in many cultures. It is developed by Nature’s Way and its main benefits are an increase in the breast milk production of lactating women, a lowering of blood sugar and a general calming effect on digestion.

The manufacturer is a well know company in the entire world. Their products have been reviewed countless times both in written sources and online. The company, called Nature’s Way, has been established in the late 1960’s in Utah, United States, and has developed into a well-established herbal supplier with a broad range of products. Most products are affordable and easy to ship.

It is claimed that it significantly increases breast milk supply when lactating, lower blood sugar and high cholesterol, improve digestion, increase male libido, and treat arthritis. Some of these claims are disputed, but academic sources have studied its effect on milk production and blood sugar, and it has been determined that it is indeed much more effective than placebos. It is being used to help to treat diabetes by some physicians.


Ingredients of Nature’s Way Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek Seed contains the following ingredients: fenugreek seeds, a plant-derived capsule, and silica.

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