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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2014-05-23
7.26 / 10 stars
Evo  Review

Is Evo brain supplement Right For You?

Evo is advertised as an advanced brain formulation that provides numerous short and long-term cognitive benefits. Although the formula has an official presentation page where it is promoted as one of the most effective products available at the moment, there is no information about the company that produces it, the developer of the formula, or the manufacturing facility (location, processing technologies, quality check, etc.)

Evo’s benefits are listed on the official site and include: instant increase of short-term memory, drastically increase of long-term memory, double energy levels, enhanced concentration skills, continually enhanced brain performance, unprecedented focus, and clearer mental vision. The active ingredients featured by this formula are advertised as proven effective in boosting memory in people of all ages.

The formulation is marketed as the No.1 cognitive booster Guaranteed to provide noticeable benefits within the first week including on the overall energy levels and mental clarity and sharpness. Evo is promoted as 100% natural and side effect free, which is a bit of an overstatement considering that there is no proof of any clinical trial involving this particular supplement. More so, we could not find a complete list of ingredients (only a mentioning that this supplement features more than 20 active compounds), but it is unlikely that none of these active substances has any side effect

Ingredients of Evo brain supplement

Evo brain supplement includes the following ingredients: Unavailable

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    John McC


    Oh my! I tired this stuff for about three weeks and the only thing I noticed was that I was falling asleep at my desk in the afternoon and at 5 o’clock I couldn’t wait to get home so I could close my eyes and rest. No energy boost, no jumping out of bed in the morning, no help in the long and short term memory area. The 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee is a farce. I decided to return the product, called the company, and was told by the rep and her supervisor that I had to have the product back to them in 30 days in order for the guarantee to be valid, not inform them within 30 days. I called 28 days after I placed the order and was told I didn’t have enough time to get it back to them to fall within the 30 day trial period so my request for reimbursement was denied. I read the guarantee on the ad to them verbatim but was told to look someplace else where the guarantee was more specific. So, I’m out $100.00 because I was somewhat convinced that the stuff might work and if it didn’t, I’d get my money back, “no questions asked.” Well there was one question asked, “Why are you returning the product.” Then after that they were truthful in that they didn’t ask me any more questions . . . they told me that because the product was not back to them within 30 days after placing the order they would not refund my money. Needless to say, I hung up on the supervisor tired, I forgot his name, was $100.00 poorer, and extremely frustrated. Oh, he was helpful in the sense that he did say that he would help me return the three unused bottles but that I would not receive any refund for them. DO NOT BUY THIS STUFF!

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