Driven To Distraction Review

by Hallowell Center
Driven To Distraction
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Driven To Distraction
Driven To Distraction
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-11-08
7.16 / 10 stars
Driven To Distraction  Review

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Is Driven To Distraction Right For You?

Driven To Distraction is a book that tries to analyze the subject of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). The book was written by Dr. Hallowell, a highly-recognized speaker around the world.

Dr. Hallowell was presented to numerous on topics such as ADD, the Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness, strategies on handling your fast-paced life and various other pertinent family and health issues. He was a normal appearance in media, including popular shows like Oprah, 20/20, 60 Minutes, Dateline, US News, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and World Report.

Driven To Distraction was published in 1995 and continues to be one of the best selling forms of written materials on this subject matter. ADD is an issue that affects both children and adults, and too often patients feel they have no way to overcome this problem. This book strives to share the underlying reasons why ADD can be such a difficult problem to control.


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