Double Ginseng Tea Review

by Flora
Double Ginseng Tea
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Double Ginseng Tea
Double Ginseng Tea
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-12-02
6.53 / 10 stars
Double Ginseng Tea  Review

Is Double Ginseng Tea Right For You?

Double Ginseng Tea is promoted as a tea obtained through a combination of plants including Ginseng as a key ingredient, which was specifically designed to support overall well-being, with therapeutic particularities on mental health, type 2 diabetes, and erectile dysfunction. However, the manufacturing company Flora advertises it as an energy promoter and help in avoiding the development of fatigue.

Flora was founded in 1965 and is a supplier of premium herbal products. Although its actual foundation was documented later, the roots of the concept can be traced back to the 1900’s Germany, where Dr. Otto Greither was strongly dedicated to the production, discovery,, and distribution of natural remedies. As a tribute to him, this company does its best to provide supplements to the regular people, which are characterized by a high quality, potency, and affordable prices.

Double Ginseng Tea is claimed to contain sixty percent Panax which is accompanied by other herbal extracts such as organic lemongrass herb and organic lemon myrtle leaf. The supplement does not have any utilization restriction. Thus everybody who wants to drink it can do so.

The tea should only come as an addition to a proper diet, and it should not, therefore, be regarded as a “problem fixer,” but rather as a help to achieve daily body energy requirements.

Ingredients of Double Ginseng Tea

Double Ginseng Tea includes the following ingredients: Organic Panax ginseng root, lemongrass herb, organic Siberian ginseng root and organic lemon myrtle leaf.

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