#44. Deplin

by Pamlab, LLC
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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-06-17
Developed and manufactured by Pamlab, Deplin is a prescription medication that was specially created to help people with various forms of depression. According to the manufacturer, "dietary management of depression with Deplin regulates all three monoamine neurotransmitters associated with mood by providing the increased requirements for Folate in the brain." This claim appears to be supported by some clinical studies, but our review will take a closer look at whether Deplin is an excellent solution for patients struggling with depression.
8.04 / 10 stars
Deplin Review

Developed and manufactured by Pamlab, Deplin is a prescription medication that was specially created to help people with various forms of depression. According to the manufacturer, “dietary management of depression with Deplin regulates all three monoamine neurotransmitters associated with mood by providing the increased requirements for Folate in the brain.” This claim appears to be supported by some clinical studies, but our review will take a closer look at whether Deplin is an excellent solution for patients struggling with depression.

Is Deplin Right For You?

Deplin is a prescription medication whose primary purpose is to help patients suffering from various forms of depression. This product is manufactured by Pamlab (Pan American Laboratories), a growing company specialized in formulating “prescription medical foods.” The company has over 50 years of experience in developing and producing this type of supplements.

A quick research into the company’s background has revealed mostly positive feedbacks. Given these facts, we believe that Pamlab is a trustable supplier of prescription formulations. According to their claims, and to numerous online testimonials, Pamlab can deliver high quality and efficient products.

The official Deplin web page states that the formulation works by regulating all three monoamine neurotransmitters associated with mood, as well as by providing proper amounts of folate to the brain. Sounds complicated, but in simpler terms, Deplin artificially stimulates neurotransmitter synthesis to reduce the symptoms associated with various forms of depression.

However, while prescription medications may be the right route for patients with severe forms of depression, it should not be the first or only choice for most patients.

Ingredients of Deplin

DEPLIN 7.5mg contains the following ingredients: Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Silicified Microcrystalline cellulose 90, Silicified Microcrystalline cellulose HD 90, Opadry II Blue 85F90748 (Polyvinyl alcohol, Titanium Dioxide [color], PEG 3350, talc and FD&C Blue #2[color]), L-methyl folate Calcium, magnesium stearate (vegetable source), and carnauba wax.

DEPLIN 15mg contains the following ingredients: Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Silicified Microcrystalline Cellulose 90, Opadry II Orange 85F43102, (Polyvinyl Alcohol, Titanium Dioxide [color], PEG 3350, Talc, FD&C Yellow #6[color], FD&C Yellow #5[color], FD&CRed #40[color] and FD&C Blue #2[color]), L-methylfolate Calcium, magnesium stearate (vegetable source), and carnauba wax.

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100 User Reviews or Add One about #44. Deplin

  1. 1

    Richard Arlus Williams-Obanion


    This was suposedly perscribed due to a DNA test where my results were shared with the sales department of the so called vitamin. I am alergic to any form of antidepressant and have been tricked in the past by Doctors that assume because I suffer from chronic pain I must be depressed when this is not the case.
    I caused depression, extreme bloating, anxiety, cracked my sternum bone and ribs during the bloating. When I stoped taking this my Doctor fired me without throughly investigating how this magic lump apeared and I felt like my ribs were broken. Swept under the rug is what they call it. It took the company almost a year to take this seriously.

  2. 2

    Liz Zamora


    In addition to antidepressants, I been taking Deplin for several months now. I haven’t done much for many years, but I’m definitely doing more now than I used to do. I feel focused, I have the desire to do things and go places. As I said, I don’ t do too much, but at least I want to do things and go places. This is the newest Rx I received from my doctor, so I know it’s what has made a difference in how I feel and think. Thank you very much for helping me take a big step forward toward normal.

  3. 3

    I’ve been taking Zoloft for a couple years now and Trazodone about a year now. I still have trouble with depression and anxiety so my psychiatrist suggested I try this for a month and see how I am with this on top of my regular pills. Any concerns about this pill I should be aware of?

  4. 4

    I’ve taken Deplin for about two yrs. I wasn’t able to take antidepressants because of stomach issues, found out about Deplin and I will never discontinue taking it. It has helped me SO MUCH and there are no side effects, just better mood!!

  5. 7

    Just had this product shipped today. I took the genetic test and the results showed that I struggle with processing folate. Hoping it will help my MDD. Cross your fingers for me!

  6. 8

    Dr prescribed it after some genetics test and after about two weeks I realize that I didn’t have a cloud over my head anymore. I decided to go off of it of course just to make sure and after 2 weeks the symptoms came back on big time. I shoulda never went off the medicine and I’m so glad that it’s available. My only regret is I didn’t know about it sooner.

  7. 9

    Marcelinho lopez


    I love Deplin I have suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks for years. I recently found out I have the MTHFR mutation and was recommended to me by my naturopathic doctor. I have been taking it by its self 15 mg and I have less anxiety and panic attacks even under alot of stress. I’m sleeping better as well. I tried taking every daily out there not for me it made me so sick every time. Get the genetic test done it was really helpful for me.

  8. 10

    I think it does help me. I have major depression, GAD and panic attacks. It has many other fillers in it and the price to me is definitely the worst thing about it to me. Almost $100 a month. Gimme a break. After using the samples I got from my psychiatrist I looked for a cheaper version which also is cleaner. Made by Matabolic maintenance is called methyl pro

    • 11

      Hi Joshua, I had the same issue with paying $85 out of pocket for Deplin however, my pharmacist at Rite-Aid went on line and found me a discount. Now I only pay $40 a month! So I would suggest you ask your pharmacist to go on line and find discount or you. I have gone off Deplin to test if it was helpful and with in a couple days the depression and anxiety returned with a vengeance. Without it none of my other medications work ( Prozac, Klonopin, Serouel) So I went back on it and I feel so much better. If you have the gene mutation Deplin is a must ! I wish you all the best.

    • 12

      You can also get a “clean compound” of this and many other medications at a specialty pharmacy, who will custom compound only the essential ingredients into a capsule form

  9. 13

    I had been on prozac for 25 years and hated being on it. I took 2.5 years to slowly wean myself off of it and of course, I was then depressed. A new doctor recommended the genetic test and I came back with the gene mutation on both sides of my family. I started on Deplin and in about 7 days everything changed. Life is better than I can remember it being. I feel like myself and not numb with prozac. This is life changing and I’m so happy!

    • 14

      Hi Jean, glad it works for you. I’ve been on it about 4 months now. It made a big change for me too after trying most of my life with everything. It is expensive. I’ve thought about alternative folate like some are suggesting here……….i’m just afraid to stop it and risk it.

  10. 15

    Does not support the Mthfr mutation in detoxing like natural folate from seeking health.. Deplin not for depression

  11. 16

    Deplin has been a lifesaver for me. Before taking it, NONE of my other medications were working. Anti-depressant, replacement hormones, Synthroid… and the list goes on. I had pretty much given up on life, and had no interest in anything. Within 2 weeks of beginning to take it, I was totally turned around. All my medications started working properly again, my energy level and mental outlook were back. I give it a 5 star rating!!

    • 17

      Glad it’s working for you. I’ve tried EVERYTHING in the past 45 years! and nothing worked for me either. I’ve been on Deplin now about 2.5 months and it’s does help me alot. Very significant difference. It’s not curing everything i wish it would, but definitely “enhancing” alot. I’m more “me” and not as afraid to speak my mind to others where before I would panic and get angry because I took everything so personal.

  12. 23

    Bev Tammara


    I have taken Deplin for a few months, and although it helped me overcome the severe depression I was struggling with at the time, I think it is way to expensive for most people to afford. At least, not as a long-term treatment. So, given it’s price, I believe there are other cheaper alternatives that work as good.

  13. 24

    Did this medication make anyone more depressed
    I was told to take this and Metanix
    I have been suffering with horrible panic attacks for the past two days and depression

  14. 25

    At first, Deplin was making me feel better, more optimistic, less anxious, less sad. I believed I had found the optimal treatment for my depression, and it wasn’t one of those strong antidepressant with horrible side effects. Unfortunately, after a few months I felt over-agitated and couldn’t rest at night. I read these are common side effects of Deplin, and that was the end of my treatment.

  15. 26

    Melissa Brown


    Yesterday I was handed several samples of Deplin by my psychiatrist . He gave me no background information, no dosage recommendations so I am starting out clueless. Took like most patients with entrenched case of mood disorder many different medications for many years trial and error..with two exceptions all bad experiences. Not sure about this one either. Poured out a portion of first dose and. Seemed oky. How to proceed from here…thanks for this reply. Column…

  16. 27

    I took deplin for 4 days
    -I noticed a rash on day 3 but kept taking it
    – on day 4 I went into anaphylaxis and went to ER.
    – it was terrifying – my throat was swelling and I could hardly swallow

  17. 29

    Cheryl l


    About to start this and my MD wrote for 15mg to start. I am 60 and have the genetic issue but no depression and now feel hesitant to start; especially at a top dose! I also do not like the ingredients in this stuff.. ones I avoid in ALL food, none organic, petroleum based dyes( ? For what?!?), glucose syrup solids…. From what source .. Cane or genetically engineered beets, soy lecithin, soy protein…. Both have high toxicity herbicide residues as the most genetically engineered food in the US, caseinate from cows…. What were they fed ? Are any if these imported? From where?
    I was told I had to take this the rest of my life and I avoid ALL these horrible ingredients and do not eat processed foods. Am I trading a deficiency for daily doses of junk cancer causing ingredients?!? Really, can someone out there help?

    • 30

      Go to your health food store and buy their methyfolate. It is the same active ingredients as the prescription but none of the additives. They are generally one mg. so you would have to take 15 pills to equal one 15 mg. prescription. They work! It’s all natural. People with genetic defect mthrf gene need this form of folate to digest for their brain. Google it.
      As I said it works!

      • 31

        I agree fully! We go to a functional dr as well as the psychiatrist for my son. We both have the mutated MTHRF. He is also bi polar II. I was shocked at the garbage in deplin! He’s not suppose to have milk and I can’t have soy, not to mention the problems with the dyes! Duh! You would think medical “professionals would know not to give their patients this junk! Anyway, our functional dr gave us a Xymogene product (all natural and pharm. quality) Methyl Protect. My depression lifted after a week taking it 2X day! Great product!

      • 32

        I was on Deplin and it helped but not my depression nor anxiety. To expensive for me and to many bad ingredients. I’m now on the natural methyfolate. Just started it and hoping it works. Btw, it’s half the cost of Deplin $26 for months supply vs $60 (with insurance) for Deplin. God bless!

  18. 33

    Chiara Simonetta


    For my father the treatment with Deplin was useless. He had fallen in severe depression after my mother passed away, so we went to a doctor who recommended Deplin as a fast and effective solution to get him out of that state. Unfortunately we spent a lot of money and we did not notice any real benefits. Plus, he was even more agitated at nighttime.

  19. 34

    I don’t know how it would help someone with true depression but for me, it helped me get over the loss of my best friend. She was in an accident and I lost her so suddenly I went into shock. I couldn’t eat, sleep, function like a normal person for months. This gave me my appetite back and helped me though it.

  20. 35

    I have been taking Deplin for over 1.5 years. At first the Psychiatrist, also a genetic doctor did a blood test to check for a mutation. I had the mutation, be it small, it was there. I have suffered with depression and anxiety for many years. Deplin was my life saver, and have not had an anxiety attack since I started taking Deplin. The cost may be a bit pricey but you can get your prescriptions thru Brand Direct and there price is cheaper. I too had pernicious anemia so I had to take vitamin b12, iron, vitamin C. I still have times that are bad but it helps much more than not. I always recommend that a person consult their physician but what I found out is that not all physicians know when to use Deplin correctly. This is not a medication for depression but for persons with the mutation that can cause depression, this is what Deplin should be used for. In the beginning it was great it was like turning on a light bulb, now that I have balanced out it does not seem to be having an affect but I know from being in the medical field that if I were to stop taking it my condition would revert to the state I was in before I started, so for me being not depressed, all the time is all I can ask.

    • 36

      Jan Sannik


      I’ve been on anti-depressants for many years and have never heard of being tested for a mutation, what is the mutation and what blood test was given?

      • 37

        Lisa Simkins


        So there is genetic testing you can do that will tell your psychiatrist if you have the gene mutation where Deplin would work for you. If your psychiatrist doesn’t do it find one that will. I am just hearing about the blood test. I wasn’t aware of that. When they do the genetic testing it confirmed I have Bipolar, PTSD, and ADHD. It is amazing. Not all insurance companies covers it.It took ten days for me to get the results. I am now on medications that will actually work for me, for years it was a guessing game, now this testing will help your doctor prescribe medication that will actually work with your DNA!

    • 38

      I had the genetic test last month. After 41 years of Panic Attacks . 17 different meds and also finding only Xanax helped those. I became a nurse 30 years ago. I realized I have hidden depression when due to life changing accident 4 years ago. My Doc recommended the genetic test. I am almost absent of Serotonin and post gastric bypass surgery 8 years hence even less absorbed. Every Deplin dye I read has a form of iodine which I’m highly allergic to. I would really appreciate any answer to this Dilemma. It’s OK to email me. Thank you.

  21. 39

    Depressed after a breakup, i started taking, irrationally now that I look back, various products to help me cope. I found Deplin 2 months into my depression and I can now say that it greatly contributed to my recovery. Super-super great formula.

  22. 40

    My doctor just prescribed Deplin to supplement my Wellbutrin and within a few days my low energy levels have improved GREATLY. I am exercising, cooking and sleeping much much better! My libido has also improved as this is usually nonexistent. I too had vivid dreams but I am also sleeping a lot deeper. The only issue is that my local Walmart price is $162 for 30 caplets! I found an online coupon which brought it down to $126! Does anyone know of a coupon I can use with greater savings?

    • 41

      Patty Kussner


      Responding to Lidia:

      I saw my doctor today and he’s considering Deplin for me to take in addition to the Wellbutrin, Lexipro, and Trazodone I currently take. Once my blood panel arrives he will talk with my psychiatrist to confer on drug therapy. Good news…..Deplin is now generic therefore the cost will be dramatically reduced.

    • 42

      I know it’s been a year so you may already have the info on Deplin. It is distributed by the pharmacy about 2 miles from my house. Get a 3 month prescription called in by doctors office. They are located in Covington, La. North of New Orleans. So unless you live nearby, they ship for $5. The company is Brand Direct and get doctor to call in rx for 3 month supply at $180/3months which is much less at $60/month. You can personally call the company as they have RN’s on staff to answer any questions. Good luck.

      • 43

        Thank you for the info on Brand Direct. I too am suffering from depression and have lost all motivation and desire to the things I use to love doing. The smallest of things seem like mountains. I’ve taken a leave of absence from work to get this corrected, I can’t tolerate feeling this way. My Dr is conservative and I’ve been on so many different prescriptions with limited results. Just received my samples of Deplin 15 on Thursday to add to my cymbolta. I like to check out the drugs and these reviews are very interesting and helpful. I had no idea the cost and on mine it says it’s manufactured and distributed by Nestle Health and Science. It’s only been 2 days but I’m hopeful I can receive the same benefits a lot of you all have. This is one disease that is so deviating if not properly treated and it’s always a guessing game. I wish the general public understood and realized how long it can take to recover and manage.

        • 44

          Debby Poindexter


          Lori, I feel your pain. I have the gene that causes depression and I have definitely recently been where you are. I am going to try the Deplin, but I am leary about some of the ingredients in it. Hope you are doing much better. It is such a debilitating disease.

      • 46

        The amount I gave above which is $180 for 3 month supply is from Brand Direct who is the company in Louisiana who makes and sells Deplin and just got refilled this week Jan 2016 and price is exactly the same at $180 for 3 month supply. We walk into brand direct and personally pick it up and I have personally talked to the pharmacists who work at the facility. Deplin is the brand name made by Brand Direct. I cannot attest to it working as I do not take it but the ppl I have dealt with who do take it all say it is working for them.

  23. 47

    Thank you for this review! Someone linked me to it and I convinced my wife that she could try Deplin for her depression issues. It’s the first type of medicine that she tries and doesn’t give her awful headaches, so we’ll see how it keeps going from here.

  24. 48

    My dad started to take Deplin. His mood has greatly improved but it’s also made him quite manic. It’s made him impulsive and unpredictable. I would use it with caution.

  25. 49

    My sister used to get depressed for no apparent reasone and I decited I should help her. I started doing some research and found this product, after that I convinced her to try it. She now believes that it was a good idee and has a better mood than ever.

  26. 50


    Yes Deplin is a prescription, however there are numerous other companies that make the same/similar product that does not need a prescription: Google Methyl Life and Metabolic Maintenance. Pamlab patented Deplin so that they could make some money, Methyfolate is Folic Acid that has been converted into the form that can cross the blood brain barrier. Folic Acid is water soluble so is safe at high doses. Look for products that contain Quatrefolic or Extrafolate S. Start with a low dose first and then work your way up. Good luck

  27. 51

    Romey Briella


    My mood changes are much more manageable than before, thank you very much, it helped me go through a difficult time. It makes you be more organized with ease, tackling new possibilities don’t seem to difficult anymore.

  28. 52

    I am a pharmacist at a Clinical Hospital and lately I am suffering from depression. I don’t know where this came from, because I am a very balanced person happy about my career and personal life. Maybe it’s the atmosphere from work or maybe something else, but luckily after I have started taking Deplin, things are starting to get back as they were before and I am focusing again on the bright side.

  29. 53

    It is very important and almost crucial to go to the doctor and ask his opinion about any drug. I went and ask my doctor about Deplin and I found out that this is not the right treatment for me. And before jumping to take any drug, you may seek for alternatives first.

  30. 54

    At first, I thought it was a joke… How can medicine make depression go away? But after a couple of months treatment with Deplin, at my doctor recommendation, I feel that already most of the symptoms faded away. Thanks, I guess..

  31. 55

    Derrick Kit


    Deplin doesn’t seem to help my daughter at all. Although it has been recommended by her doctor alongside therapy, she is still the same. I think I am gonna tell him to change treatment, as after a few months there are still no positive changes in her behavior.

  32. 56

    For so many years I have felt like I was ill all the time and I had many unexplained episodes of memory loss. I wasn’t able to maintain and have personal relationships anymore… Lately I have been diagnosed with depression and I was recommended to start Deplin treatment immediately. I can say that I am noticing a few improvements and I feel a little better.

  33. 57

    After a few months of therapy and Deplin, I was starting to make some progress. I am so happy that those feelings of sadness, emptiness and guilt are now far away. I have more confidence and I am more powerful than ever and I owe all of that to my therapist that had patience to cure me and recommended me Deplin.

  34. 58

    Jake Farney


    This is not the only depression brain supplement that I’ve stumbled upon. And it’s not the best either. You can find better but you will have to spend more money. Overall it may be just what you need, don’t be afraid to give it a try.

  35. 59

    Deplin is a good depression drug! I often have episodes of deep depression because i have almost never managed finishing any projects that I’ve started. No when I start a new one I immediately start feeling sick. Since I started using Deplin this has been bothering me less and less.

  36. 60



    Deplin is my prescribed medicine for depression, but I didn’t notice any difference since the beginning of the treatment. I am going to therapy as well, but maybe I should change my doctor rather than medication.

  37. 61

    My doctor prescribed me Deplin and by now I am very happy with the results. I didn’t have any side effects either and it seems that I am making slow, but safe progress since I have started taking it.

  38. 62



    This is the fourth supplement targeted against depression that I’ve used. It helps a lot in an ordinary day but I still struggle in days when everything seems to go wrong. I still am pretty sensitive to failure and I get embarrassed when I make mistakes.

  39. 63

    Deplin has helped me with all the depressive episodes I’ve had so far. My messed up family periodically puts me through hell and I always need some extra help to deal with it. Taking Deplin is much better for me than taking nothing at all.

  40. 64

    I suffer from depressive episodes caused by stress in my family. Sadly there is nothing I can do about that. What I can do is take something to help me deal with is, so I don’t end up jumping off a bridge or something. Right now I use Deplin and I’m still alive. I hope things will remain this way :)

  41. 65

    Eleonore Dee


    I have been suffering from depression most of my adult life and must confess I was on all sort of prescription and non-prescription medication. Although there were times when I felt better, nothing seemed to work on long-term. With Deplin I was able to feel benefits form the first two weeks and after several months of use, I can still say that it works. I am in a better mood most of the days, and I feel more emotionally balanced. I really hope it will keep on helping me because it is so nice to feel yourself again.

  42. 66

    My doctor recommended me Deplin. I have just started treatment and I cannot longer sleep at night. I fall asleep at 5 am in the evening and at 7 am I should wake up and go to work! I will wait for one more week, but if these negative effects still occur, I will definitely reconsider my treatment!

  43. 67

    I take Deplin all the time because otherwise I get too zoned out and can’t work properly. I’ve been like this all my life and nobody was able to tell me what to do but now at least I can do well at work while I take the pill.

  44. 68

    My depression was too deep to treat with Deplin alone, but I think it helped me better respond to therapy. Before, I spent a lot of money on therapy that did no help me and pills that made me sick. Now I am slowly getting better.

  45. 69

    It worked for me! I’ve had mild depression for six years. It wasn’t that bad but my family always complained I was a downer for everybody else. I never got excited about anything and my kind often thought I was upset when in reality I wasn’t. I’m glad it’a all over now.

  46. 70

    Depression is a serious issue that requires different solutions for each person. I don’t think there’s a miracle cure for everybody’s depression. That will never happen, and Deplin is no exception. Both me and my wife are taking it. I feel great, but she improved only mildly. Don’t be afraid to try this, it may really work for you. Just don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work, you’ll definitely find something that works eventually.

  47. 71

    I’m so depressed for spending a lot of money for something that barely made any difference. Not a particularly good outcome for an antidrepressant if you ask me.

  48. 72

    Both me and my girlfriend have been prescribed this and it’s been great ever since. If you can handle the cost it’s very effective.

  49. 73

    Deplin works for me, I suffer from dysthymia, however it doesn’t have any effect on my sister-in-law, she has been diagnosed with postpartum depression. I also experience some dizziness after I take my daily dose but it’s nothing serious.

  50. 74

    Felicita Downing


    This drug is amazing, I have taken it for one months and felt really better, except for more vivid dreaming but I could live with that. Unfortunately it’s also so expensive and I don’t have any medical insurance. Does somebody happen to know which sites offer the best discounts?

  51. 75

    Kaye Aubin


    My psychiatrist recommended Deplin after I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This drug helps me cope with my illness and reduces the intensity of my manias and depression. I am satisfied with how Deplin improved my life so far and will continue to use it as long as the doctor recommends it.

  52. 76

    I have been taking deplin for about two weeks and I have noticed a huge difference in my mood and less anxious than I have been in a while. I am trying to decrease my medication that I am now on which is cymbalta bucebar and trazadone. I didnt want another pill to help me through my panic attacks and depression so I looked for a more natural outlook and I hope it helps you out as it did to me.

  53. 77

    I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia 15 years ago. I was no longer able to feel differences in temperature (hot or cold), texture ( sand paper from silk), and when I walked, I could not feel my feet touching the floor. My proprioception was completely messed up, and at night, if needing to get up for any reason, I could not tell if my hands were touching the wall or not, and would walk directly into a wall unless the light was on. I have been taking vitamin B12 by injection bi-weekly all this time, and there had been no difference. When my psychiatrist prescribed Deplin, a vitamin form that crosses the blood brain barrier, within 2 weeks, I could feel temperature, textures, and am not as clumsy as before. It is a miracle drug.

  54. 78

    I used 4 kinds of anti-depressant in the past namely: citalopram, paxil, welbutrin and cymbalta. After 7 moths of citalopram, I developed an allergic reaction: itching and rashes on my arms and face. With welbutrin SR i experienced palpitation, insomia and depression. I’m experiencing bad side effects of menopausal like hotflashes and anxiety. I was desperate because I had to be out of work for six weeks. I’m under stress too that i feltpressure on my left chest. My stress test and EKG results came back normal. On my last visit to my doctor, she prescribed deplin that could be taken alone or in combination with an antidepressant. After 2 weeks, i feel better and the pressure is gone. Although it is expensive I have no other choice but to take it but it’s worth the money.

  55. 79

    I just started a few days ago and it is working!
    I did have had very realistic dreams, but nothing frightening. In fact I had a good dream and went back to sleep to go back into it. I dream a lot anyway, so perhaps it’s not the deplin.
    I also do amino acid therapy and use a light box or bright light visor which helps enormously. I have been in a deep depression and now that I am better- it feels like a miracle.
    BTW, I take lithium and lamotragine for BP
    I have no problem that this isn’t natural-that doesn’t really mean anything in terms of results-and certainly, if it’s going to help me save my life, abd the only side effect is intense dreams, I’ll keep taking it-especially during a dreary winter.

  56. 80

    For anyone fighting with what turns out to be Refractory Depression I highly advise looking into Low Dose Naltrexone. I am alive living a happy productive active life today because of this cheap, off patent drug with little to no side effects and the other benefits it carries for overall health is amazing. Visit our Facebook page, ask for admittance and start reading the document selection.

  57. 81

    It worked FANTASTIC for the first 3 days, then slowly diminished. Now for the first time in my life, I cry over well, – things. NEVER have I done that prior to taking this. I’ve stopped taking this, and am going to see if this is indeed the culprit.

  58. 82

    Just started this medication. I am a wait and see wha happens perso. If it works great if not at least I tried it.

  59. 83

    I have found Deplin 7.5 to be extremely beneficial in my treatment of bipolar disorder. I was trying many different anti-depressants and having a terrible time and then was introduced to Deplin. I take it in combination with Celexa, Wellbutrin, and Lithium and have been stable for almost 8 months. The trick is to find a great psychiatrist.

  60. 84

    blood pressure stayed normal. moods nicely stabilized. seems to work well for me. tired of feeling like a trainwreck all the time.

  61. 85

    I should have known deplin wasn’t going to do what I needed…..by the second time I met with dr Steven Lamm, I knew he was a quack. The doc was all jittery and seemed to be on powerful stimulants. He had given a bag full of different supplements he told me were samples. When the nasty receptionist told me I owed hundreds of dollars for the supplements, I should have just walked out. Instead, I paid and went to the drugstore with my prescription for the deplin…..

    I have been taking deplin for 3-4 months. I have nutty dreams, wake up many times every night to urinate or just with so many thoughts jumping around in my head and have a difficult time going back to sleep. This had never happened to me before.

    Now, all I wanna do is to find out how to wean off deplin and live a natural life.

  62. 86

    This is a wonderful supplement to any depression therapy. It is obvious that many folks on here are NOT scientific or medical, and I am both. I personally use it, and it helps with energy, as well as depression levels.

  63. 87

    I am taking Celexa and still struggling a bit with depression. (genetic) My doctor suggested Deplin. I have been taking it for almost 4 weeks and IT HAS DEFINITELY MADE A DIFFERENCE. No side effects. I didn’t realize it was making a difference until I reflected upon the last couple weeks. So grateful. Now I need to find out how much it will cost. Single and limited income.

  64. 88

    Deplin isn’t a antidepressant. It is the natural, active form of folic acid(Vitamin B9). It’s called 5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid or Metafolin and Deplin is just a high dose of it. For this reason you don’t need a prescription. Many people have certain genetic polymorphisms that reduce the conversion from folic acid to its activ form, which is quite bad, because it is necessary for the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin. Thats the reason it works so well with antidepressants. The body produces more neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin and the antidepressants inhibit their reuptake. That is one reason antidepressants don’t work well for many people.

    Adam wrote that he had he had big trouble with it. Maybe he has an additional Vitamin B12 deficiency(anemia), which was unmasked by Metafolin/Deplin. Maybe slow tritration and a B Complex and Vitamin B12 may help. You have to treat the Vit B12 deficiency otherwise permanent neurological damage may occour!

    This seems interesting:

    • 89

      Folate is the natural form. Deplin is a man-made version, L-methyl folate, and is available by prescription only. It is not an antidepressant but seems to help with depression, depression related to bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. This is the active form of folate by prescription, but I wouldn’t take mega-doses of anything over the counter–folate or not– without medical advice.

    • 90

      Amen your right on I buy my product through seeking health the active form of folate for the Mthfr mutation deplin is garbage it has a dye in it . People with this mutation need to detox not take dyes

  65. 91

    Cheryl McAllister


    This is the first antidepressant that has worked for me. I have BP and have been through some long spells of depression; the most recent was a weepy deep depression. After about a week of Deplin 15mg, I was no longer weepy and feeling depressed, but was still somewhat flat. Now at the end of 2 weeks, I feel somewhat close to normal (which I have not felt in a long time). Yes my dreams are more vivid and realistic but my days of feeling better have outweighed any dream that has lingered past my morning coffee. I think Deplin in combination with Lithium and Trazodone is the right mix for me and my BP. Feeling in control of my emotions for the first time in a LONG time and it feels great!

  66. 92

    ive been taking it with prsitiqu,franky havent seen any reasons to continue its expensive it dosent seem to help and ive had my share of bad from deplin i cant say for but its expensive and ive not seen any help from it………………………….

  67. 93

    This is alot more serious than most realize I believe. I had a horrible reaction and I will never touch this stuff again and would Never recommend, actually I vote Nay for anyone. U will get just as good of results w a proper diet and some amino’s. And No sides! THIS IS SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS! and not worth the small benefit to see whether or not u will end up in er bc of spiked blood pressure. ! Rediculous.

    • 94

      I wouldn’t say nay to everyone. It worked amazingly well for me. I had energy and felt alive for the first time in my life after a life of depression and constant fatigue to the point where it was exhausting to even get up, shower ect. I have tried everything from many different medications, eating healthy, taking vitamins and excercised as much as I could even if it was a just a short walk, almost daily (which I still do). Taking this with Wellbutrin has literally given me the life I always wanted. I feel “normal,” as in feel like I have the energy to do daily things and the motivation to do more than ever before. It’s not miracle fix and the affects may not always be this great but it’s been 6 months and I am so grateful to have found and tried methyfolate. So for people reading this I think it’s important to give your honest opinion and experience. People should know the good and the bad. Of course this will not help or be a good thing for everyone but it could help people.

    • 95

      Adam, as a healthcare worker, I have seen sudden anaphylaxis from something as innocent as a box of apple juice. Having a severe reaction to anything is very scary. Also as an example, you can live on a farm and been stung by bees many times in your life without a reaction and then you get stung and your throat swells shut. We can have a reaction to thing we used to be able to take or eat. Nuts and seafood are 2 big ones. But the point I wanted to make for others reading thee comments in that different ppl react to different drugs. I may be severely allergic to penicillin while you can take it without any problem. So because you did have a reaction, it doesn’t automatically make this a dangerous product for all people.

  68. 96

    Alice Thompson


    This caused me to have every bad nightmares, when I could eventually go to sleep. This side effect was noticeable immediately. I have stopped using it, it did not work for me.

  69. 97

    Helen Booth


    Perhaps this product just doesn’t work for me personally. I was hoping for big things but once again my hopes have been dashed after following the directions.

  70. 98

    I was very optimistic that it was taking the edge off, albeit ever so slightly. I have increased the dosage to 1200mg and feel no change other than what I noticed at the beginning

    • 99

      You can easily tell if you need this medical food. There is a genetic test that costs around $200 (I think) that will tell you if you have the genetic mutation that prevents your body from converting folate to l-methylfolate. If you do have this mutation to a fairly severe degree than supplementing with deplin will help greatly. I have the genetic mutation at the second worst degree. That is some people cannot convert folate to l-methylfolate at all. I can convert it but at a reduced amount thus taking deplin has helped me a lot with depression and anxiety. My results for the genetic test are: compound heterozygous for the mutations, C677T and A1298C in the MTHFR gene. I felt better after taking deplin before I had the test done. My doctor thought the test was too expensive to try and since I was feeling better he thought there was no need to take the test but he was wrong. Knowing I have the genetic mutation means I will have to take this supplement my whole life and it validates my belief that it is not a placebo effect.

      • 100

        Xymogene brand, Methyl Protect works wonderfully for those of us with MTHFR gene mutation. Find a dr that carries Xymogene! It’s a life saver without the added junk in Deplin!

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