D3-50 Cholecalciferol Review

by BioTech Pharmacal
D3-50 Cholecalciferol
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D3-50 Cholecalciferol
D3-50 Cholecalciferol
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2015-11-13
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D3-50 Cholecalciferol  Review

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Is D3-50 Cholecalciferol Right For You?

D3-50 Cholecalciferol is a supplement featuring a single active ingredient, an essential nutrient for human health, vitamin D. The manufacturer of this formula is BioTech Pharmacal, a company founded over 30 years ago. The company claims to be committed to creating pure, bio-available vitamin and mineral forms that lack artificial colors of flavors and contain a minimum amount of fillers (only pharmaceutical grade cellulose and silica). Their supplements are encapsulated in Koshaer and Halal-certified gelatin capsules or vegetarian capsules. The special encapsulation technology also ensures that no binders, coatings, lubricants or disintegrants are required in their tablets.
The particular nutrient provided by D3-50 Cholecalciferol is related to approximately 3,000 genes in human anatomy and its activity influences the activity of two major systems particularly the nervous and bone systems. However, the assimilation of vitamin D3 is not as easy as one might think. Naturally, the chemical is synthesized by the body only in the presence of sunlight. So when our bodies aren’t exposed to sunlight for longer period of times or are exposed for too little time, a deficiency in vitamin D3 can easily occur. It has been estimated that to get the right amount of vitamin D you have to get 3 sessions of at least 30 minutes of sunbathing a week. This is the case of light-skin individuals, darker skin people need even more sun exposure.
The great advantage of synthesizing natural vitamin D3 is that your body stops making it when the optimal levels are reached. This is not the case of synthetic vitamin D3 that can cause toxicity when large amounts are ingested.


Ingredients of D3-50 Cholecalciferol

D3-50 Cholecalciferol includes the following ingredients: Vitamin D3 (in the form of cholecalciferol: 50,000 IU per serving, 12,500% of the daily recommended value).

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