Coral Calcium Review

by Herbals-Unlimited
Coral Calcium
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Coral Calcium
Coral Calcium
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2012-06-22
6.01 / 10 stars
Coral Calcium  Review

Is Coral Calcium Right For You?

Coral Calcium is a dietary supplement marketed to promote overall health and wellness.

This formula was developed by Herbals-Unlimited. This company is located in the USA and offers a wide variety of supplements at reasonable prices. They promote and attractive discount system to attract customers. Detailed information is posted on their website.

This product is recommended for everyone as it is advertised to address numerous health problems. The manufacturer claims Coral Calcium can regulate pH levels, support and build your immune system, maintain bone integrity, support mineral concentrations in the body, provide antioxidant protection, promote the breakdown of heavy metals and drug residue and detoxify your body. According to the official website of the manufacturer, this supplement contains a premium blend of mineralizes seaweed which contains high amounts of minerals, vitamins protein and trace elements.

Ingredients of Coral Calcium

Coral Calcium includes the following ingredients: Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Coral Calcium, Aquamin, Japanese Marine Algae Blend, Kombu Seaweed, Nori seaweed, Wakame seaweed.

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