Cogni-Q Review

by Quality of Life
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Date Published: 2016-05-12
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Cogni-Q  Review

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Is Cogni-Q Review Right For You?

Cogni-Q is a brain supplement designed to assist brain function and protect it from the age-related issues. The formula is produced by Quality of Life, a company founded in 1998 with the scope of providing access to American consumers to the latest nutraceuticals. The company offers numerous formulations at this time some of which are awarder products, an achievement to which the manufacturer takes much pride in.

Cogni-Q is based on a patented compound derived from a unique cultivated form of the plant Angelica gigas Nakai. The compound also known as INM-176 is claimed as proven effective in supporting cognitive agility in 80 volunteers suffering from age associated memory problems. However, a link towards this study is not provided on the official page of the product.

The formula seems to work by increasing the levels of Acetylcholine in the brain, an essential neurotransmitter related to memory, attention, and other cognitive abilities. The active chemical may also protect the brain against oxidative stress due to its antioxidant properties.


Ingredients of Cogni-Q Review

Cogni-Q includes the following ingredients: Cogni-Q includes the following ingredients: Angelica gigas Nakai (root) extract (INM-176), Decursin, Decursinol, rice flour, vegetable cellulose, and Leucine

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