#7. Cho-Wa

by Kumato Labs
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Date Published: 2011-06-17
Cho-Wa is a green tea that is manufactured by Kumato Labs. Kumato Labs is based in Signal Hills, CA and was founded by Dr. Kumato from his desire to "bring the traditional Japanese remedies to the rest of the world." Cho-Wa tea comes with a breathtaking story that advertises the product as a unique Japanese formula dated from centuries ago when it was only available to the Shogun.
9.4 / 10 stars
Cho-Wa Review

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Effectiveness of Cho-Wa

Cho Wa tea is another herbal remedy approach to some different health related issues such as weight loss, immunity support, and fighting diseases. It appears to be another old mix that tries to be the solution to any and all health issues, but which is not backed up by any scientific study to support these claims. The official website itself has less than 500 words of content. Our researchers had a difficult job in finding trustworthy information on this product. That alone should raise a red flag regarding the nature of Cho-Wa.

It is also important to note that, because of the inclusion of Green tea into the formulation, Cho-Wa contains small trails of caffeine, which is not a potent stimulant, as you need to keep topping it up to feel the energy you just lost. Besides, stimulating neurotransmitters this way may not be the most suited approach. The brain needs and wants a healthy nourished environment which can only be created with the right dose of whole food amino acids and neuro-nutrients.

We were able to find some information on the formula’s most essential ingredients. However, please keep in mind that this information comes from different websites, books, and studies. The official website does not list any conclusive researches or scientific evidence on how this formula is supposed to work.

Cho-Wa’s main ingredient appears to be the Green tea extract, an ancient herb believed to have numerous health benefits. It is said to increase metabolism, reduce the effects of LDL cholesterol, and assist in losing weight. The plant has been associated with several side effects, but nothing too serious. The most common Green tea side effects include gastrointestinal discomfort and nausea.

The Astragalus root is believed to be a potent immune enhancer, and it has been mostly used in cancer patients to support their weakened immune function.

Rhodiola Rosea is claimed to improve patient’s curb depression and mood and boost physical and mental performance. It is most commonly described as a natural energizer. However, this herb does not lack the common side effects associated with mild stimulants such as agitation, anxiety, nausea, hypersalivation or insomnia.

Once again, we would like to point out that this information may not be relevant to the overall formula. In fact, we do not know how the formula is supposed to work, nor are we aware of the actual Cho-Wa’s side effects and special precautions. As far as we can see, the company hides all this relevant information behind the “ancient, legendary formula” concept.

Cho-Wa Price

Cho-Wa is an expensive product. This supplement can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website or a number of online retailers.

Each box of Cho-Wa contains 30 packets, which should be enough for one month of treatment at a recommended dose of one tea packet per day.

The formula is available for purchase at international level, with delivery costs that depend on the buyer’s location.


Does Cho-Wa Work?

The lack of relevant information on this product is truly disturbing. The official website itself has less than 500 words of content, so we had to further research into multiple affiliate sites just to find enough relevant information to put together this review. The official Cho-Wa website does not contain clinical trial information essential for demonstrating the effectiveness of this tea. The site does provide, however, several what appears to be valid testimonials.

Mixed Cho-Wa reviews can be found on various retail specialized websites. Some consumers have reported positive results after using this product, while others have reported no improvements whatsoever. This product also contains small amounts of caffeine, which may lead to side effects such as increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, and jitters, especially for caffeine sensitive individuals.

In the end, we would advise our readers to be careful with this product. It may look appealing (especially because of its interesting story), but its effectiveness has never been proven 100%.

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