Cherry Plum Dr. Bach Review

by Nelson Bach
Cherry Plum Dr. Bach
6.25 out of 10 based on 4 user ratings
Cherry Plum Dr. Bach
Cherry Plum Dr. Bach
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-11-21
6.25 / 10 stars
Cherry Plum Dr. Bach  Review

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Is Cherry Plum Dr. Bach Right For You?

Cherry Plum is marketed as a product for those who “fear of losing control of their behavior and mind.” Nelson Bach USA Ltd. manufactures this supplement, a private company categorized under Wholesale Pharmaceutical Products and is located in North Andover, MA.

The mind behind Nelson Bach is Dr. Edward Bach, who studied medicine at the University College Hospital in London. Dr. Bach worked in general practice and as a pathologist and bacteriologist. According to the website, he was intent on creating vaccines, but he was disappointed with the modern medicine approach in treating a patient: a doctor should treat a disease and ignore the whole person. Inspired by homeopathy, Dr. Bach had an ardent desire to seek out remedies that would be purer and less focused on illness.

Cherry Plum is one of these products, and according to the official website is “used” when one fears losing one’s mind. It’s an extreme statement, but not that uncommon.


Ingredients of Cherry Plum Dr. Bach

Cherry Plum Dr. Bach includes the following ingredients: Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera), Alcohol.

Cherry Plum Dr. Bach
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4 User Reviews or Add One about Cherry Plum Dr. Bach Review

  1. 2

    Until I began to use Cherry Plum, I could not resolve the deep issues I have been facing for a long time. I have been using many Bach flower remedies for years, but the ‘rational me’ would always skip this remedy. Until now…
    I went through a traumatic incident at age 12, and that set the foundation for impulsive behavior and self-sabotage.
    Please consider this remedy if you have faced any PTSD moment, however small.
    It really helps!

  2. 3

    I have been using Bach flower remedies for a while now, but have had only a few successes. This, I think, is mostly due to the fact that it can take some time to find the right remedy for the situation. Sometimes the symptoms of a situation may seem to call for a certain remedy, but the cause of the symptoms are what should be treated by another remedy that may not seem obvious at the time. I feel that this is why many people try flower remedies and dismiss them when they don’t work. There are 38 remedies and it can be expensive to try all of them to see which one fits!

    I’m glad to say, I’ve found Cherry Plum to be the perfect remedy for me at this time. It didn’t stand out to me, because I don’t ‘fear losing my mind’, however I was having a lot of emotional issues at the time and tried several remedies to address what I thought was causing that. In the end, turns out that Cherry Plum is an excellent flower remedy for times when you just feel that your emotions are out of control – I was hypersensitive, plagued by unwanted thoughts that led me to anxiety and depression, felt like an emotional rollercoaster. I have only been consistently taking Cherry Plum for two days now (although I have taken it in the past with notable success) and the difference is live night and day. I feel rational and composed, my emotions are under control.

    I definitely recommend it!

  3. 4

    rizqa khan


    I started using cherry plum to help ease symptoms of PMS. I suffer from extreme mood swings, anxiety and I become somewhat psychotic the week before my period. I behave irrationally and can’t seem to control my anger and irritability. I snap at the smallest things. Cherry plum has helped me find a balance as I feel calmer and more in control of my mind and actions. Symptoms such as irriatability and anger has lessened as well. I wish I had found this remedy sooner and would recommend it to anyone with PMS type 1.

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