Calotren Advanced Review

by Top of the World Distributors
Calotren Advanced
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Calotren Advanced
Calotren Advanced
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2016-02-11
8 / 10 stars
Calotren Advanced  Review

Is Calotren Advanced Right For You?

Calotren Advanced is a weight loss pill advertised as a natural solution for those who suffer from weight problems. The formula is developed and commercialized by Top of the World Distributors, a company established in 1997 by Lisa and Randy Roney. According to the official page the company was founded from the founders’ desire to provide natural, safe and effective health supplements.

Calotren Advanced is the new formula improved with an exclusive digestive enzyme combination that allows faster absorption of the Collagen protein, the main active substance in this product. In fact, the official site claims that due to the newly added enzyme, the body is able to absorb the protein up to 3 times faster.
The original formula is available at this time in liquid form. Because of the enzyme blend, the Advanced formula cannot be sold in liquid form as it would alter the enzyme’s integrity, making it useless.

The manufacturer also claims that customers have experienced benefits like reduction of overall weight, maintenance of normal weight, improved joint health, better sleeping patterns, and improved memory. However, there’s no actual consumer testimonial available on the product’s presentation page.

Ingredients of Calotren Advanced

Calotren Advanced includes the following ingredients: Calotren Advanced includes the following ingredients: Collagen Complex (300 mg) and ProHydrolase (40 mg)

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