Calm Essentials Review

by Europharma
Calm Essentials
6.84 out of 10 based on 0 user ratings
Calm Essentials
Calm Essentials
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-06-26
6.84 / 10 stars
Calm Essentials  Review

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Is Calm Essentials Right For You?

Calm Essentials is produced by Europharma, a company that is considered to be in the top tier of its supplement making domain. It was founded in 1997, in Wisconsin-Green Bay. The head of this well-known company is Terry Lemerond, a man that has well over 40 years of significant experience in supplement matters, such as ingredients, formulas, and effects. This is a product that is mainly designed for relaxation purposes. Through its ingredients, such as basil, and Exotic Verbena, and their properties, relaxation can be easily achieved, along with other benefits.

This supplement can be taken by almost anyone who feels like they can not get through the day without feeling stressed, fatigued, and tense. These effects occur on a daily basis for many people, and it can become a real problem, socially, and mentally. Stress can build up over time, becoming a real issue, and it seems that people do not know many ways to deal with it, and that is the reason why Calm Essentials was created: to offer a helping hand to those in need. The company has an excellent track record, and this particular supplement makes no difference, as it contains the ingredients required to relax and reduce stress.


Ingredients of Calm Essentials

Calm Essentials includes the following ingredients: Mandarin (Citrus reticulate), Basil (Ocimum basilicum), Exotic Verbena (Litsea citrate), extra virgin olive oil, gelatin, glycerin, and water.

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