Cal-Mag-Zinc-Plus Review

by Vitality Products
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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2012-10-22
7.38 / 10 stars
Cal-Mag-Zinc-Plus  Review

Is Cal-Mag-Zinc-Plus Right For You?

Cal-Mag-Zinc-Plus is a dietary supplement aiming to provide the body with the regular dosage it needs of calcium, magnesium, and zinc, for it to function properly. Also, this product also includes vitamin D3 for a better fixation of the calcium, and other minerals and amino acid chelates. The company manufacturing this product is Vitality Products.

Vitality Products is a company founded in 1980 by L.W. Bob Brooks. The company claims that its primary goal is to provide individuals with quality supplements, promoting the individual’s overall health and to “raise the standards of nutrition and wellness.” With over 30 years of experience in the supplementation industry, the company declares itself among the leaders of nutritional companies around the world.

Ingredients of Cal-Mag-Zinc-Plus

Cal-Mag-Zinc-Plus includes the following ingredients: Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol), Vitamin K2 (MK-7 as Menaquinone-7 from Natto), Calcium (as carbonate, citrate, glycinate), Phosphorus (as amino acid chelate), Iodine (as potassium iodide), Magnesium (as oxide, citrate, glycinate), Zinc (as citrate, amino acid chelate), Selenium (as methionine), Copper (as amino acid chelate), Manganese (as gluconate, amino acid chelate), Chromium (as amino acid chelate), Molybdenum (as amino acid chelate), Potassium (as chloride), Betaine HCI, Strontium (as citrate), Silicon (as amino acid chelate), Boron (as amino acid chelate), Vanadium (as amino acid chelate), Lithium (as amino acid chelate) and Gelatin (capsules).

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