Cal & Mag Assist Review

by Future Health
Cal & Mag Assist
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Cal & Mag Assist
Cal & Mag Assist
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-07-12
5.09 / 10 stars
Cal & Mag Assist  Review

Is Cal & Mag Assist Right For You?

Cal & Mag Assist is advertised as a potential solution to a variety of conditions that might affect the bone system, lungs, heart, and muscles. Notably, the manufacturing company Future Health claims the product’s core benefits are the prevention of osteoporosis, prevention of muscles injury, enhanced response to wound healing, and improved lung and heart health. The dietary supplement reviewed here is not however scientifically tested; hence no clear evidence exists regarding its effectiveness in the benefit areas indicated by the producer.

According to the manufacturing company, the supplement being reviewed features two essential minerals, Calcium and Magnesium, while also being enriched with a soluble fiber called Orafti. The fiber is added to the formula to enhance the absorption of the two core ingredients previously mentioned.

The company manufactures a broad variety of dietary supplements, nutraceutical products, and other healthcare solutions, designed to assist consumers with health concerns which include heart problems, immune system problems, skin and hair problems, memory and concentration issues, and various hormonal imbalances. The company is headquartered and operates its international business from South Africa.

Cal & Mag Assist may assist anybody concerned with maintaining optimal bone density and integrity, which tend to decrease with age.

Ingredients of Cal & Mag Assist

Cal & Mag Assist includes the following ingredients: Synergy 1 Orafti, Stevia Extract, Calcium Citrate Anhydrous, and Magnesium Hydrogen Citrate.

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