Brauer Nervatona Focus Review

by Brauer Natural Medicine
Brauer Nervatona Focus
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Brauer Nervatona Focus
Brauer Nervatona Focus
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2012-09-27
5.25 / 10 stars
Brauer Nervatona Focus  Review

Is Brauer Nervatona Focus Right For You?

Brauer Nervatona Focus is a dietary supplement aiming to increase concentration and focus. The product is also advertised as a good mean to alleviate stress, anxiety, and tension and through this managing to aid enhance concentration levels. The company behind this product is Brauer Natural Medicine.

Brauer Natural Medicine is a business that started in Australia in 1929 in Barossa Valley. The company was at the beginning a family group that emigrated from Germany. Their goal at first was to bring Australia their country’s homeopathic remedies and orthodox medicine. Currently, the company tries to meet the Brauer family’s original vision and provide individuals with effective natural medicine.

Ingredients of Brauer Nervatona Focus

Brauer Nervatona Focus includes the following ingredients: Anamirta Cocculus tincture equivalent to dry fruit 5 mcg, Argentum nitricum 12X, 500 MCL, Chamaelirium lutetium tincture equivalent to dry root and rhizome 5 mcg, Ignatia 4X, 500 MCL, Kali phosphoricum 6X, 16.7 MCL, Magnesia phosphorica 6X, 16.7 MCL, Nux vomica 30C, 16.7 MCL, Nux vomica 6C, 16.7 MCL, Panax ginseng tincture equivalent to dry root 500 mcg, Passiflora incarnata tincture equivalent to dry flowering herb 5 mg, Phosphoricum Acidum 2X, 600 NL, Sepia 1X, 500 NL, Valeriana 3X, 50 MCL, Zincum met. 8X, 500 NL.

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