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Date Published: 2011-06-17
BrainQuicken is a very common type of herbal remedy approach to brain nutrition supplementation. It uses a method of treating the brain very similar to that of many other products we have reviewed on this website. What is fascinating about BrainQuicken and the company behind it is that it has been changed over 27 times in just six years. This is something that has raised a flag for us when creating this review.
8.46 / 10 stars
BrainQuicken Review

Effectiveness of BrainQuicken

Just like with most multivitamin supplements, no double-blind studies have been conducted on this product. On top of that, we had some serious troubles identifying the official BrainQuicken website. When we finally found it, the site looked more like a TV infomercial than an actual source of information for those interested in purchasing BrainQuicken.

Let’s leave their marketing strategy for now, and let’s talk a bit about what this brain supplement promises to offer. As stated above, the product claims to improve study skills, memory, athletic performance, and it claims to be a safe stimulant.

As there is no evidence to back it up, it is unclear if this supplement will improve your health at all. The product is not suitable for vegetarians, and there are no free samples available, which is something that we look for when rating supplements on this website.

Also from a brain nourishment standpoint, all that multivitamin remedy approaches do is to produce an artificial environment by stimulating certain neurotransmitters in the brain, without actually providing the much-needed neuro-nutrients. Neuro-nutrients are natural and get the brain working as it was designed to do. With the herbal approach, there are no long-term benefits; it’s only a short-term band-aid.

Core BrainQuicken’s ingredients include five of the eight essential B-Complex vitamins, as well as a trademarked mixture of herbs including the Chinese Cordyceps, amino-acids, and other such nutrients that have been touted for benefits related to certain cognitive and brain functions.

L-Tyrosine for instance, a non-essential amino acid, is known to support the production of important brain neurotransmitters such as Dopamine, Epinephrine, and Nor-epinephrine.

“Cordyceps Sinensis” naturally grows on the back of the larvae of the caterpillar “Hepialus americanos Oberthur” originated in Tibet, China, and Nepal. The fungus and part of the caterpillar structure are dried and sold as the dietary supplement known as Cordyceps. The fungus has a long tradition of use as a general tonic, and current therapeutic applicability includes physical performance enhancer, asthma, immunity boost, chronic renal failure, elevated cholesterol, aging processes, bronchitis, hepatitis B and others.

While safety and effectiveness are not thoroughly studied, there are cases where the fungus has proven itself beneficial. Further scientific evaluation is needed before formulation a conclusion, though.

BrainQuicken Price

BrainQuicken is an averagely-priced supplement available in bottles of 90 capsules each, which should be enough for 45 days of treatment at a recommended dosage of 2 capsules per day.

BrainQuicken appears to be available for purchase from online retailers only. Some retailers may offer additional discounts and price promotions. When placing an order, please take into consideration the shipping costs as well.

Although a money back guarantee is advertised for the formula, further investigation into the details of this post-sale service makes things rather unclear. We advise our readers to talk to the manufacturer before placing an order directly.

Does BrainQuicken Work?

BrainQuicken has received many negative reviews and testimonials. The lack of information and the questionable claims from the official website are raising several red flags regarding this product. While the manufacturer and some of its retailers were mentioning a 60-day, 110% money-back guarantee when we tried to access this option, the website said that this offer is “on hold,” and the product is only available from online retailers.

This supplement claims to improve mental and athletic performance. The formula contains many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to overall health, but the effectiveness of BrainQuicken or the manufacturer’s claims have not been scientifically established.

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