Brain Retain Review

by Starr Walker Superceuticals
Brain Retain
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Brain Retain
Brain Retain
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2016-05-20
8,2 / 10 stars
Brain Retain  Review

Effectiveness of Brain Retain

It promises to support brain health, support enhancement of brain function, support healthy memory, and provide antioxidant support to the brain. Starr Walker says Brain Retain represents more than 30 years of neuroscience research and was developed by a board-certified neurologist. It comes in a powder you can mix into your drink, instead of being capsules to swallow, so this may lead to faster results.

Brain Retain contains a somewhat large number of ingredients, mostly vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. While amino acids are good, not many of the ingredients are actually brain-boosting. The vitamins and minerals are helpful, but don’t do as much in the way of directly improving your mental functions.

Brain Retain notably contains Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) and Phosphatidylserine. The latter is a chemical found in the body and in certain foods; it’s commonly made from cabbage or soy. It’s key in maintaining cellular function, especially in the brain, and is used to improve mental function in people of all ages. If taken in doses over 300 mg, some people report upset stomach and insomnia, but generally there aren’t any side effects. Brain Retain contains 200 mg of Phosphatidylserine per serving.

Brain Retain Price

There are two versions. A fairly inexpensive formulation for children, and a significantly more expensive version for adults. Both contain 15 servings per container and are available in different flavors. If you take Brain Retain every day you’d have to buy two a month, which can get very expensive very quickly.

Does Brain Retain Work?

It comes with a list of 11 references and recommends that people consult their healthcare practitioners before using Brain Retain.

One reviewer said it took a few days before results made themselves noticeable, and it was a positive experience thereafter. Another noted that Brain Retain should eliminate some of the filler ingredients. The most common complaint isn’t about the product’s effectiveness – it’s about the price. Most people say that Brain Retain is effective, easy to ingest, and tastes pleasant. It’s like a protein shake to get your day going.

Brain Retain does seem to work, and contains some quality ingredients. However, for the money, this won’t be the first choice for a lot of people.

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