Brain Candy Review

by Theodore Lidsky, Jay Schneider
Brain Candy
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Brain Candy
Brain Candy
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-11-27
7.51 / 10 stars
Brain Candy  Review

Is Brain Candy Right For You?

Brain Candy is a book designed to help people get an objective and clear idea about the substances needed for the healthy functioning of the brain, with direct references to memory, fast thinking abilities, high creativity skills and increased focus. The book is written by Theodore Lidsky and is co-authored by Jay Schneider; both described as experts in brain functioning and drug action. Theodore Lidsky is the director of the Laboratory of Electrophysiology at the New York State Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities. The idea of the book came from the need to create a reliable and accurate source of information about what today accounts for a billion-dollar industry: the dietary supplements field.

The work is described as a cutting-edge look at an essential nutrients that can help you revive your brain, explained by the two authors in an authoritative and comprehensive manner so that everybody can understand and benefit from it. The book was created for people who are concerned with finding risk-free alternatives to improve cognitive function and upgrade many of the skills that will eventually impact the general sense of well-being.

Brain Candy describes the specific mechanism of action of various formulations and active compounds commonly used as ingredients in nutritional supplements.

Ingredients of Brain Candy

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