Botanic Choice Ginseng Booster Review

by Botanic Choice
Botanic Choice Ginseng Booster
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Botanic Choice Ginseng Booster
Botanic Choice Ginseng Booster
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-06-18
5.91 / 10 stars
Botanic Choice Ginseng Booster  Review

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Is Botanic Choice Ginseng Booster Right For You?

Botanic Choice Ginseng Booster is promoted as a dietary remedy which comes as an addition to a healthy lifestyle and targets an improvement in energy levels, vitality restoration, and reduction in physical and mental exhaustion. The nutritional business behind this product is called Botanic Choice and was established in Indiana in 1910.

This company was initially called Indiana Botanic Gardens and was built in 1910 by Joseph E. Meyer. Its owner was born in 1878 in Wisconsin, and his passion towards natural teas, tonics, and other supplementation forms led him to create a way in which people may benefit from nourishment from a source with few to no side-effects are compared to prescription drugs. The business is currently conducted by his grandson and great-grandson who are trying to deliver high-quality, innovative and affordable products.

In this particular remedy, there is a wide array of herbal extracts among which the ones found in the biggest amounts are American and Korean white ginseng and Eleuthero root. The formulation targets an enhancement in the energy levels as well as a cognitive support in functions like memory, learning, focus, concentration, and attention span. By minimizing physical and mental tiredness, Botanic Choice Ginseng Booster should positively influence all aspects of a person’s life.


Ingredients of Botanic Choice Ginseng Booster

Botanic Choice Ginseng Booster includes the following ingredients: Korean and American white ginseng, Eleuthero root extract, and a Proprietary Synergistic Herbal Blend featuring Lycium fruit, Scrophularia, Polygonum, Adenophora, Psudostellaria, Salvia, Codonopsis, Astragalus, Chinese Red Ginseng, Reishi mushroom fruiting body, and Notoginseng.

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