Biotec Anti-Stress Review

by Biotec Foods
Biotec Anti-Stress
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Biotec Anti-Stress
Biotec Anti-Stress
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-11-08
5.92 / 10 stars
Biotec Anti-Stress  Review

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Is Biotec Anti-Stress Right For You?

Biotec Anti-Stress is marketed as being able to “counter the effects of daily stresses on the body, namely free radicals which damage the body’s tissues and can affect immune response capability.” The company behind this product is Biotec Foods, a company that produces many formulas directed at a variety of issues.

However, this is a common claim. Those who have reviewed any of the available anti-stress formulas will know that this claim is made by many manufacturers and their retailers. Thus, it can be a long and complicated process to determine if a product is useful or not.

Biotec Anti-Stress contains some unusual ingredients, well known for their Effectiveness in fighting stress and anxiety symptoms. However, it remains to be seen if their mixture is as effective as the manufacturer claims.


Ingredients of Biotec Anti-Stress

Biotec Anti-Stress includes the following ingredients: IsoSproutPlex, Glycine Max, Zea Mays, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, and T-Turigdum Durum.

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