USANA BiOmega Review

by Usana Health Sciences
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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2012-11-02
5.54 / 10 stars
USANA BiOmega  Review

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Is USANA BiOmega Right For You?

USANA BiOmega is sold as a natural supplement that helps maintain a normal functioning of the circulatory system, supports healthy brain function (including memory and learning skills), and assists in numerous fundamental cellular processes. This product is developed by USANA Health Sciences. A multi-level marketing company specialized in selling nutritional supplements and related products through a network of independent distributors.

The company is one of the largest MLM structured business and sells three main lines of formulations: “Diet& Energy,” “Nutritionals” and “Personal Care.” Although they seem to produce high-quality formulations with a good reputation among consumers, there are some who claim the prices are unreasonably high. More so, the company has had a very controversial so far and has been involved in legal disputes concerning the false declarations of several employers regarding their study degrees and functions.

A very negative image of USANA’s MLM discount system is promoted in the online environment. Those against this system denounce the company’s failure to provide,” discount plans to help the retailer, instead of discouraging him. Because of this, the drop-out rates in the first year of the collaboration are extremely high. A better alternative would be signing up as a Preferred Customer, which allows consumers to receive the same discounts as an Associate, without the additional costs that must be paid by the latter.

USANA BiOmega is based on EPA and DHA, essential fatty acids, which are considered to play important roles in the healthy functioning of human body. The manufacturer recommends this product for people who aren’t able to include in their daily diet the necessary amounts of fish or fish oil, thus depriving the body of essential nutrients with numerous harmful effects on the long term. The formula also features Vitamin D, one of the most important vitamins which are also a commonly deficient nutrient from modern man’s regular diet. Lemon oil has been further added to eliminate the characteristic fishy odor of fish-oil based formulations.


Ingredients of USANA BiOmega

USANA BiOmega includes the following ingredients: EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), Vitamin D, gelatin, glycerine, lemon oil, purified water, mixed natural tocopherols, and soybean oil.

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