Bacopa Enlighten Review

by Advanced Orthomolecular Research
Bacopa Enlighten
7.58 out of 10 based on 1 user ratings
Bacopa Enlighten
Bacopa Enlighten
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2012-08-20
7.58 / 10 stars
Bacopa Enlighten  Review

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Is Bacopa Enlighten Right For You?

Bacopa Enlighten is a dietary supplement based on the Ayurvedic herb known as Bacopa Monnieri or Brahmi. The formula is manufactured by a Canadian company called AOR (Advanced Orthomolecular Research). The core ingredient is a herb used for centuries in the traditional Indian medicinal system known as Ayurveda for some different affections. Back in more modern times, numerous studies have been performed on Bacopa, and this is why the plant extract is currently one of the most popular herbs used in dietary supplements around the world.

The core advertised benefits for this product include antioxidant properties, neuroprotective effects, and support for various cognitive functions including memory and concentration capacity.

The founder of the manufacturing company Advanced Orthomolecular Research is Dr. Traj Nibber, who vowed to help people around the world experience a better life through his high-quality products and supplements. AOR’s declared mission statement is that the company is true to nature and science. The company follows the guidelines established by the Good Manufacturing Practices framework which standardizes manufacturing processes and methodology to comply with quality and safety standards.

People who wish to benefit from free radicals support, those who desire enhanced cognitive functions, as well as individuals who want to take advantage of natural neuro-protection, may find this formula extremely useful.


Ingredients of Bacopa Enlighten

Bacopa Enlighten includes the following ingredients: Bacopa monnieri extract (50% bacosides A & B) 300 mg, microcrystalline cellulose, hypromellose, and water.

Bacopa Enlighten
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    Norma Vidal


    I feel like helping with memory, but not as much as need. I wonder if an increse of the dosage would be safe sawondr if itl”- bacopa enlightin 300 mg

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