Baby Ddrops Review

by Ddrops Company
Baby Ddrops
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Baby Ddrops
Baby Ddrops
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-11-09
7.31 / 10 stars
Baby Ddrops  Review

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Is Baby Ddrops Right For You?

Baby Ddrops is a dietary supplement designed to provide the necessary amount of vitamin D, an essential nutrient for healthy growth and development of breastfed babies and infants beginning with their first days of life.

The formula is developed and marketed by Ddrops Company, a Canadian owned business specialized in creating vitamin D-based supplements. The company states that all their products benefit of Natural Health Product Numbers (NPNs) offered by the Health Canada Federal department. The conformity with Health’s Canada manufacturing standards ensures the purity, consistency, and safety of the products. A more detailed research about the company’s history and consumers’ opinion regarding the range of products revealed mostly positive information. This makes us believe that Ddrops Company is indeed dedicated to developing superior products that are both safe and efficient in providing the claimed benefits.

As the name implies, the product is designed for children in their first years of life as a support for a healthy bone system development through a natural-sourced nutrient. The formula is advertised as tasteless, odorless, and with no added color, artificial flavor, or preservatives. Also, the formula lacks dangerous substances such as wheat, gluten, soy, corn, milk and peanuts that could cause allergies to the baby. Besides the purified components of coconut and palm oil, the product does not feature any chemicals or additives.

Baby Ddrops features 400 IU of vitamin D, an amount that was confirmed by specialized Canadian institutions as the recommended daily intake for infants. The breast milk is known to contain only 10% of the important vitamin D for children, making supplementation a simple solution to a vitamin D deficiency.


Ingredients of Baby Ddrops

Baby Ddrops includes the following ingredients: Vitamin D3 and vegetable oil.

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