Anti-aging Assist Review

by Future Health
Anti-aging Assist
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Anti-aging Assist
Anti-aging Assist
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-07-11
6.16 / 10 stars
Anti-aging Assist  Review

Is Anti-aging Assist Right For You?

Anti-aging Assist is a dietary supplement which offers a solution to premature aging, as a core side effect of free radical damage processes that take place at the cellular level. The formula is manufactured and marketed by Future Health, a company that focuses on assisting their customers with achieving a healthy aging process and avoiding a set of common degenerative disorders associated to oxidative stress damage.

The company products are claimed to be developed following individualized treatment protocols so that the solutions offered are uniquely designed and ultimately useful. The product range includes a variety of dietary supplements that focus on preventing or treating significant health conditions including cardiovascular disease, sleeping issues, weight gain products, immune system formulas, skin, and hair health remedies, etc. The official website offers extensive information regarding each product, regarding ingredients, therapeutic effect, indications, and content.

Anti-aging Assist assists those who live in highly polluted environments and are exposed to various types of stress (physical, mental, emotional, etc.), those who have inappropriate dieting habits or who are chronically ill and have to take medication on a daily basis. In other words, these categories of people are largely more exposed to free radical damage and could benefit from this supplement.

Ingredients of Anti-aging Assist

Anti-aging Assist includes the following ingredients: Green Tea Polyphenols, QuercetinA, ResveratrolGrapeseed Extract, Curcumin, Alpha Lipoic Acid (Dual R form), L-Carnosine, Betaine Anhydrous (TMG, Beta Carotene, Selenium (AAC 2%), and Zinc Gluconate.

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