Advanced Super D3 Plus Review

by Botanic Choice
Advanced Super D3 Plus
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Advanced Super D3 Plus
Advanced Super D3 Plus
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-06-28
6.44 / 10 stars
Advanced Super D3 Plus  Review

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Is Advanced Super D3 Plus Right For You?

Advanced Super D3 Plus is a supplement which promotes enhanced calcium absorption through the help of a variety of ingredients. The supplement was developed and manufactured by Botanic Choice, a company which was founded in 1910, by Joseph E. Meyer, a man with experience with herbs and other ingredients. Through his knowledge of printing, Meyer managed to create the basis of his well-established company, which received more and more attention as the years progressed. In 1918, he wrote a book called “The Herbalist,” which helped him launch his business on a bigger scale with a larger platform.

This supplement is created from various ingredients such as vitamins and antioxidants which provide support for some important functions of the body, such as the cardiovascular and immune systems. The unique trait of the product is that it contains an enhanced ingredient, Vitamin K2, which was transformed into VitaMk-7, allowing it to place much-needed calcium directly into the bones, making the vitamin much more efficient than the standard K2. Many people suffer from weak bones and related problems, and through the help of Advanced Super D3 Plus, they just might get the help that they need to enjoy a healthier, fuller life.


Ingredients of Advanced Super D3 Plus

Advanced Super D3 Plus includes the following ingredients: Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, VitaMK-7, Alpha lipoic acid, L-Glutathione, Rice flour, gelatin, magnesium, stearate, modified cornstarch, sucrose, sodium ascorbate, medium-chain triglycerides, silicon dioxide, dl-alpha, tocopherol, and soybeans.

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