Advanced PCT Review

by Athletic Xtreme
Advanced PCT
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Advanced PCT
Advanced PCT
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2013-06-01
7.7 / 10 stars
Advanced PCT  Review

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Is Advanced PCT Right For You?

Advanced PCT is promoted as dietary supplement meant to restore hormonal balance after any type of anabolic cycle. It mainly focuses on enhancing the natural production of testosterone which usually decreases at the point of muscular loss after the training ended.

The company behind this natural remedy is called Athletic Xtreme. The business claims that their hallmark relies on customer support, innovation and teaching their clients about the proper ways of living through some well-written articles. Furthermore, they state that all of their formulators possess PhDs in areas such as Nutrition Science, Pharmacology, or any other related field. The information they offer is categorized into four major sections: training, research, nutrition, and supplements, most of them having personal forums and applications.

This specific formula is based upon a mixture of two herbal extracts, an amino-acid and a natural flavone. It seeks to offer a balance in the hormonal systems of athletes. The manufacturer states that every component was researched, tested, and finally integrated into precise ratios. However, none of these statements are supported by the Food and Drug Administration, thus the product can’t treat, prevent, or cure any type of disease. Overall, this supplement is presented as a beneficial addition to a pro-hormone treatment.


Ingredients of Advanced PCT

Advanced PCT includes the following ingredients: 7-Methoxyflavone, Cordyceps Sinensis (20% polysaccharides), L-HIstidine HCI, and Grape Seed Extract.

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