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BrainResearchSupplement.com was founded as an independent resource for brain health enthusiasts searching for truth in the brain supplement industry. As seen, we have evaluated thousands of different brain supplements, multivitamins, health foods and even brain training methods to help determine the winners from the losers based on our simple evaluating principles. Please note that every review and content is 100% authentic and researched and written by a member of our brain health research team.

We’d love your feedback! We encourage you to leave comments on any brain supplements you have tried (you’ll find the comments section under every supplement review) or to send us any corrections on a review that may be out of date. We are continually updating our reviews, but we’re imperfect too and appreciate your feedback to keep our database of thousands of reviews factual and accurate.

Health Writer

Andreea Florea, Senior Health Writer

Andreea is an avid reader and writer with a bachelor’s degree in International Economic Relations and a master’s degree in Marketing and Communication. With more than 5 years of experience in health and diet writing, Andreea has quickly become one of our top collaborators. She currently writes various articles about healthy eating, nutrition, the benefits of amino acids, and disease awareness for high profile websites such as, Quora, ezinearticles, articlebase, and more.

Health Writer

Sandra Atanasoaie, Health Writer

Sandra Atanasoaie is a 24 years old freelance writer. With a degree in Management from the prestigious Rotterdam School of Management in Netherlands, and more than 5 years writing experience, Sandra is one of the core members of our team. She loves to travel, cook, and learn about nutritional benefits of various amino-acids, vitamins, and plants.