70 Signs of Depression Review

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70 Signs of Depression
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70 Signs of Depression
70 Signs of Depression
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-11-08
6.11 / 10 stars
70 Signs of Depression  Review

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Is 70 Signs of Depression Right For You?

70 Signs of Depression is a book that gathers and documents proven techniques from thousands of bipolar sufferers and their family members that readers can easily use to help effectively co-manage a loved one’s bipolar depression. The book was written by Marlee Fisher, a bestselling ghostwriter-turned-author, and it takes readers into the minds of bipolar sufferers by revealing the illness.

The book is based on author’s personal experience as a bipolar co-victim. Also, according to Marlee Fisher, her ideas are supported by years of extensive research, including multiple meetings with psychiatrists, social workers, M.D.s, and psychologists.

70 Signs of Depression is advertised as an in-depth and easy-to-understand “look inside bipolar disorder,” often written in its victims’ words. Using this technique, the author wants to reveal valuable firsthand insights and expert hands-on knowledge regarding bipolar disorder.


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